Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Progressive Fundamentalists: "President Obama Is More Intelligent Than All Of Us And Thus The Republican Enemy Can't Lay A Glove Upon Him"

Forward Progressives:  Obama Is Too Intelligent For Republicans To Understand


It should stand to reason that if the Progressive Fundamentalists.................:

  • Promote The Notion That The RIGHT WING ENEMY IS STUPID
  • Will NEVER Look Within Their Progressive Base And Note Academic Stagnation And Attribute It To Their "Stupidity", Thus OFFENDING THEM And Provoking Them Into Not Voting......
That a person they live vicariously through is lifted up as INTELLIGENT, this as they summarily fought his fights while stopped protesting certain policies that they used to protest against.

The Progressive Fundamentalist displays more attributes of IDOL WORSHIP OF MEN than they prove competence in DEVELOPING PEOPLE through the HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that they compelled these masses to yield to their control

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