Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Democratic Party Says That Even Though The Number Of Democrats Willing To Vote For Dr Ben Carson Is Equal To The Number Of White Votes Barack Obama Received In Alabama In 2008 - It Is Not Due To Racism. Carson's Popularity Plummeted Among Democrats Once They Learned That He One Of The Few Blacks Who Went On Fox News To Agree With The Enemy Rather Than Fight Them

The Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance Via The Democratic Party:

"We don't worry about being called racist because those with the most authoritative voices on RACISM are in our camp already.   

The only thing that we fear is if they break ranks after they admit that the "Americanized Blacks' have not been sufficiently DEVELOPED, commensurate to the 50 years of 'Black Mineral Harvesting' that they have coordinated through American Political Opportunism and our agreement to never OFFEND the Black Rank & File, while at the same time promising the 'Embedded Confidence Man Middle Men' unabridged leadership over the Black Community - as long as they bring in their fill of Black voters"

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