Wednesday, March 12, 2014

AJC's Mike Luckovich - "Before Obama" And Then "After Obama"

Mike Luckovich After Obama
Mike Luckovich Before Obama

While a biased operative like Mike Luckovich achieves success at avoiding the constant hammering of political figures that he lives vicariously through and thus can help maintain a certain mindset inside the minds of his readers.........................the fact that the GOVERNMENT IS DOING THE VERY SAME THING ACROSS ADMINISTRATIONS BUT LUCKOVICH HAS ALTERED HIS CONTENT - only means that the people who were made upset at the "unsavory President" when he used the government to cross the line of the US Constitution will today say "Thank You Mr President For Fighting Against The CIA's Illegal Activities And Protecting Me" today.

Mike Luckovich actually DIMINISHES those who he loves the most because he can't bring himself to scrutinize them, instead shifting people's focus toward THE INSTITUTIONS that this person controls.

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