Friday, February 14, 2014

The Legacy Of Having The US President Submit To The Contentious Debates That The Prime Minister Of The UK Has To Endure

Other than the national legislatures that on occasion have a physical confrontation between two or more partisans - there are few other legislative bodies around the world in which the national leader is forced to "stand at the pulpit" and defend his every move in front of factional opposition.

More than elocutionary skills at making a speech - a leader standing in the hole must have a tough skin in confronting the opposition as "the biased news media" offers no protection when he is 'front and center', having to defend his positions in the face of hostility.

When The Present Day "Pragmatic Obamabot" Listened To President George W Bush's Tepid Speaking Skills While He Was In The White House She Dreamed Of The Day That America's National Government Would Switch To A "UK Style" Parliamentary Configuration , Forcing Bush To Defend His LIES Without The Filter Of The News Media Buffering Him

George W. Bush was not a good speaker.  It was often frustrating to listen to him attempt to articulate complex issues that came to the front steps of the executive branch for him to deliberate in the interests of America.

A New Generation Of Pragmatic Obamabots That Have Reached Voting Age Beyond President Obama's 2008 Victory That Promoted Him Into The White House Is Now OPPOSED To The USA Adopting A "UK Style Parliamentary Configuration" Because President Obama's Clear Skill At Providing Uplifting Speeches To Prove Her With HOPE Would Be Tarnished By A Room Full Of Mean-Spirted White Racists Bent Upon Turning His Past Words Against Him, Thus Depressing The "Pragmatic Obamabots", Their Intent Being To Convince People That A "Black Man Can't Lead The Nation"

After each time President Obama gives airtime to those forces who hate seeing a "Black Man With Power" - she gets angered - wondering why he tries to reach out to those who are not going to change in this diversifying nation.

Each time Obama does an interview with MSNBC and is given an open microphone to get their common points across to the world - she Tweets the "#ObamaCanPullMyStickersOff" hash tag and vows to do everything that she can do in the future to have a slate of elected officials that can generate similar pleasure within her.

Obama's skills at elocution in support of nationalized progressivism has penetrated the previous barriers that were erected to protect vulnerable populations from government excess that were previously seen as counter to their interests.