Friday, June 7, 2013

Samantha Power - The Adviser That Convinced President Obama To Label The "Invasion Of Libya" As A "Humanitarian Mission" - Making It More Easily Digestible To Obama's Progressive Base

When you see the mastery of language that is effective at giving people who are otherwise predisposed to oppose certain foreign policy actions a set of 'talking points' that THEY in turn co-opt to use in defense of the policies of the people they live vicariously through.................a point is reached that you stop LOOKING AT THE POLICIES, instead choosing to do a psychological assessment of the "Unmet Wants And Needs" of the people who are heard speaking in a tongue that is not natural to their previous disposition.

Why "Benghazi Was Made Into A Republican Over-reach To Attack The Black President"

From Wikipedia

Advocate for military intervention in Libya

Samantha Power is considered to be a key figure within the Obama administration in persuading the president to intervene militarily in Libya. Power argues that America has a moral obligation to examine all tools in the toolbox (diplomatic, economic, political, and military) to respond to mass atrocity, and she has argued that there may be circumstances in which military intervention may be appropriate to prevent genocides. Within the White House, Power strongly pressed for U.S. intervention on humanitarian grounds. She has been described as instrumental in convincing Obama to push for a UN Security Council resolution to authorize a coalition military force to protect Libyan civilians. Power has previously argued that "you don't get any extra credit for doing the right thing". "It's up to us" to change that calculus, she said. "My prescription," she said, "would be that the level of American and international engagement would ratchet up commensurate with the abuse on the ground."

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