Sunday, June 30, 2013

Loyalty To Progressivism Rather Than To Party - What Distinguishes "Democracy Now" From Other Progressive-Biased Media

As a right of center guy - I can watch more of "Democracy Now" - accepting their broadcast is a set of priorities different than mine. 
As I watch other political-operative progressive media - I see that their job is to DEFEND THEIR POLITICAL TEAM - pretending that they are merely "Pragmatic Progressives"

I don't need to agree with Amy Goodman to respect the MUCKRACKING that she does.

I have more faith that she will "let everyone have it" with (the amount of "fairness" that one can reasonably expect from an ideologically branded broadcast) those on the left that she tends to favor "getting theirs" from her.

Are you hearing this information about Africa from other sources?

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