Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pragmantic Obamabots - Obama's Billionaire Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker Is Not The "Evil Rich" That We Hate. She Is Down With The "Occupation" Just Like Jay-Z And Beyonce So We Support The President's Good Decision On A Known "Corporate Fighter"

Credit should be given to President Obama.

His cabinet now has it second "Chicago Public Schools" administrative veteran and any Chicago area supporter who is disgruntled about the school dare not sound like a Republican and undercut the President on his choice. 

Obama has learned how to TRIANGULATE --------HIS BASE OF SUPPORTERS.

From Drone Bombings to Assata Shakur he understands the "Rhythm Method" by which his role as Commander In Chief and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer In The Land - requires him to do (what his base calls) RIGHT WING actions in operating the American government.     But fear not - he can smooth over any of these grievances that transpire in the "down cycle" once he issues a leftist policy proposal and pits his base against the RIGHT WING ENEMY who his base hates more than Obama's "right wing executive actions".

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