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Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Caller To The Host: "Based On What I Am Hearing You Need To Bring In {A List Of "Black Conscious Voices" That Included Dick Gregory} .........So That They Can Stop Calling In AND CRITICIZING OUR PRESIDENT

I cry inside when I am confronted with the TRUE of how the "Americanized Blacks" think.

BLACK POLITICS Is "The War On The Black Community Governance Culture".

It establishes a justification as to WHY we must agree, in congregational unity, to violate the core tenants of our institutional integrity BECAUSE there is a greater external RIGHT WING threat that needs to be confronted.

When I listen to "Black Wing Grievance And Political Opportunism Talk Radio" I understand that many of the show hosts are provocateurs.   They get better ratings if they set up a "straw man enemy Republican" and then commence to opening the phone lines to the callers that amplify this point.

UNFORTUNATELY when "Protecting The US President" so the Progressive Agenda can go unimpeded, providing the fix to the Black community that the local take over has thus far failed to provide AND when the "Republican controlled US House" is a greater threat to the Black community than is:

  • The local City Council that has was assembled through the popular preferences of the people
  • The local police, licensing enforcement, fire and property tax function that reports to the mayor who was popularly elected
  • The school board who hold the precious key to "Equality" that the protest signs that the NAACP said it was
.....................YOU KNOW that not only that there is a PROBLEM but that the loosely coupled components of the "Black Racial Services Machine" work to perpetuate the problem state.

The following are some paraphrased comments heard on WAOK Atlanta.
This has been a tough week for the loyal Progressive bigots.
With the indictment of Georgia Senator Tyrone Brooks and the "Republican generated" scandal attacks upon the Black President

With OBAMA ON THE STAGE it is critical that we look into the CONGREGATION and more importantly the PRESS BOX that is in the balcony

A Black Obama Supporter On The "Republican Hypocrisy" On Benghazi:

"The Republicans can't have it both ways on this Benghazi situation.  WHEN OBAMA INVADED LIBYA THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN SUPPORT OF THIS POLICY.

Now that this situation went down and 4 Americans were killed THEY PRETEND that this is all OBAMA'S DOING.

(He also mentioned something about the CIA that I don't recall)

Hmmmm. Where have I heard this illogic by transference of indictment before?  It sounds so familiar.

I know:
"The REPUBLICANS have always sold out Black people when we needed protection the most.

The Republicans agreed to REMOVE THE FEDERAL TROOPS FROM THE POST-CIVIL WAR SOUTH because they wanted the office of the President more than they cared about Black people.


If the REPUBLICANS negotiated at the expense of Black people to obtain the White House, allowing President Hayes to take office - WHO WERE THEY NEGOTIATING WITH and what did they get in the exchange?

You see - IN BOTH CASES - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN does not wish to INDICT the "Team" that HE RESIDES UPON.

He knows that HIS FELLOW BIGOTS enjoy AFFIRMATION of what they already believe over LOGIC.

Despite the fact that the GREATER OFFENSE should have been that  A BLACK PRESIDENT has chosen to execute WHAT THEY WOULD BE CALLING a "RACIST AMERICAN FOREIGN/MILITARY POLICY" as the US/NATO munitions seem exclusively reserved for NATIONS OF COLOR - the Americanized Negro ONLY has conscious awareness of his DOMESTIC POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST POSITIONS and thus he understands that if he sells his fraud as "THE REPUBLICANS WENT ALONG WITH THE BLACK COMMANDER IN CHIEF INSTEAD OF STOPPING HIM" that THEY FAILED THE AFRICANS who were attacked.

These American People Of Color Protested To STOP BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These Foreign People Of Color Had To Protest Obama Because The "Americanized Blacks" Chose Not To Undercut Their Domestic Social Justice

"Based On What I Am Hearing You Need To Bring In {A List Of "Black Conscious Voices" That Included Dick Gregory} .........So That They Can Stop Calling In AND CRITICIZING OUR PRESIDENT Analysis

I can take POLITICAL BIAS.  I really can.  I have no intrinsic hatred for "Progressivism".

Especially FRAUD that dresses itself up as 'Black Consciousness', only to slip a loaded die into the game of craps.

In theory a "Conscious" Black person like Dick Gregory would INDEED be a good reference to make sense of American foreign policy and how we should be on guard.

UNFORTUNATELY - Dick Gregory and a long list of Black Progressive Fundamentalist Revolutionaries are too focused on THE RIGHT WING enemy to keep their eye on the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, regardless of the fact that Obama is in power.

"I don't know why the Republicans are focused on Obama and the IRS scandal targeting the Tea Party.  When Bush was in office he had so much contempt for Black people living in homes and generating wealth that he allowed the banks to steal the homes and put Black people on the street.  More Black people were targeted by Bush than the IRS targeted the Tea Party. ANALYSIS

With some comments you can't invest your time in rebuttal.

YOU MUST understand that such a person is so compromised that HER POLTIICAL ENEMY is a more worthy target than her incumbent requirement to PROTECT HER OWN VALUABLES from usurpation by people who won her confidence. 
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