Thursday, April 25, 2013

Those Who Refuse To Carry Foreign Pictures Of "The Face Of The US Imperialist Military Being Burned In Effigy" Also Refuse To Cover The US Congressional Testimony About The Drones That Triggered Their Angst

When you consider the "domestic partisan death match" that some people are engaged upon - it should come as no surprise that when they see these images produced from individuals that are INTERNATIONAL in the scope of their grievances - the operatives that bring us the news prefer to stay silent.

By carrying these images - they would be forced to converse about the MOTIVATIONS for these images.

Since these are not "The Tea Party Racists" that are burning the image of a Black man - their "blacked out news coverage" will not have to cover the fact that these "people of color" are burning the FACE OF THE AMERICAN IMPERIALIST MILITARY.

Fear not - when the next US president comes into office - they will likely burn this person's image as well.   Shamefully they are more consistent and transparent than is the American press and its analysts.

The US Congressional Testimony About The US Use Of Drones On "Nations Of Color" That You Did Not Hear Much About

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