Saturday, March 2, 2013

Understanding The Sequestration - Obama Got The GOP To Accept Military Spending Cuts So That The GOP Could Have Obama To Be Seeing Blaming The GOP For Forcing Him To Cut Spending

The losers in this grand fraud of politics by the "Dung Producing Party Animals" are the American people.

We see that despite the small proportional size of the $85 billion in cuts - which is 8.5% of this years federal debt spending and 2.3% of the massive $2,700 billion federal budge - these "Dung Producing Party Animals" chomp at the bit for a fight over the most marginal of issues.

The main forces of FRAUD that have been exposed in all of this is the news media.
Despite the fact that they all claim "journalistic integrity" and "independence - working on behalf of the people in good governance" - the real issue at hand is their collective ability at gamesmanship because THE FINANCES OF THE USA are largely ABSTRACTED from all combatants:

  • The Democrats and Republicans
  • The News Media operatives
  • and worst of all - The American people

In this game of brinkmanship:

  • The GOP was compelled to yield upon their claim that "Defense spending is sacrosanct" in order to put President Obama in the hot seat and make spending cuts that he did not want to make
  • The Democrats in the House showed that they will support retention of spending in "Social Justice Programs" - the long term solvency of the nation be damned
  • Most of all - President Obama took to the microphone and was heard blaming the Republicans for forcing his hand at the spending cuts
All show profiles in lack of courage and conviction into their marginal areas of interest.

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