Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obama's Chief Media Cheerleader: "If Bush Used Drones In The Way That Obama Is Doing He Would Have Been Impeached"

Mediaite: Tina Brown To Bill Maher: Obama ‘Would Be Impeached By Now On Drones’ If He Were Bush

The first bit of intellectual honesty coming from Tina Brown in a long time.

Ms Brown can't bring herself to admit that her news oracle "The Daily Beast"/"Newsweek" is culpable in the present situation.


The  more accurate assessment is to note that the US GOVERNMENT is doing to do what it is going to do and that the NEWS MEDIA plays a strong hand in whipping up public sentiment OR keeping them distracted on "Bread And Circuses".

There are more Americans worried about the dress that their starlet will wear on tonight's Grammy Awards than they care about American foreign policy

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