Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama - The First President That Progressives Want Him To Use Them So He Can Win Because He Is Smarter Than Them And Their Right-Wing Enemies

You often hear Progressive Fundamentalists say "Obama's playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers"

During the first campaign I told you of the number of people that I debated against who demanded that I agree with the supposition that "Obama is smarter than all of us".

The ONLY thing that I yield is that Obama gives Progressive Fundamentalists justified cover to compromise themselves in support of Progressivism's fight against the Right-Wing.

As the US Government commits "offenses" that would have otherwise drawn protests in their ranks - they act pragmatically, reasoning that if they go against "Obama" - their arguments will strengthen the right wing and make Obama weaker - forcing him to defend himself against their common enemy all by himself.

Obama understand that if he throws out "one Progressive bone" domestically for his base to fight their right-wing enemy over - he can conduct what would otherwise be a violation of their left-wing progressive views on the foreign policy military, intelligence or domestic financial services standard.    If there is any chess that is being played THEY ARE moving their own pieces as they converge around Obama their "King piece".

I was mistaken in my previous assessment as I noted that the Progressive compromise with Obama will show its face when an "Enemy Republican" President takes office in the future.

The more accurate and updated analysis is - that as future Progressive Presidents take office - as the nation's "Democratic and Cultural Shift" transpires - that which was considered "Right-wing Militarism" will be fully integrated into Progressive-Fundamentalist rationalization - with only the SELF-NARRATED JUSTIFICATION for the attack having changed.  

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