Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nearly 25 Years After His Presidency Ended - Ronald Reagan's Imperialism In South America Still Remains The Top Draw Among The Progressive Revolutionaries

Again I must register my viewpoints.



As a long time viewer of  Pacifica Network's "Democracy Now" I've noticed that the "American atrocities" in South America using "right-wing forces" to up-end leftist governments of the people has ALWAYS been more "evil" than anything that the imperialism transacted around the world by the United States - the Middle East and Africa in particular.  (except for the call of support for the Palestinians against the Israeli Zionists and American Imperialists)

There was something about "Ronald Reagan" and his policies in this region that proved to be the raison d'ĂȘtre  of the progressive left who stood against him.

I assure you that, 25 years after the fact - the name "Ronald Reagan" will be dropped this coming weekend at Fort Benning Georgia than any mention about our current President and how these same policies are in effect in other places around the world.  The only difference is that the crowd is less OFFENDED today.

School Of The America's Watch - November 22, 2013

When Just Protests Become RITUALIZED, Promising To "Never Forget" YET Looking Past Certain Uncomfortable Truths Of The Day That Might Prove To Be A Self Indictment Against Their Cause

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bounce TV "BRKDWN" - "Would You Twerk For Obama In The White House?"

I get the feeling that this show on "Bounce TV" won't ever "get too heavy" and discuss world affairs - thus risking upsetting the "Youth Vote" in 2014 or 2016.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Pragmatic Obamabots Are Integral To The US Military's Drone Bombing Strategy

The title in "The Atlantic" is flawed.

THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCE suffered by the Commander In Chief for signing off on "death warrants" for people in Yemen and Pakistan that were only deemed "TERROR SUSPECTS".

There is no JUROR to tell the media that their killer got away with murder but "God sees everything" as was said by the juror in the "Justice For Trayvon" trial.   THERE WAS NO TRIAL to speak about in the first place.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Loyalty To Progressivism Rather Than To Party - What Distinguishes "Democracy Now" From Other Progressive-Biased Media

As a right of center guy - I can watch more of "Democracy Now" - accepting their broadcast is a set of priorities different than mine. 
As I watch other political-operative progressive media - I see that their job is to DEFEND THEIR POLITICAL TEAM - pretending that they are merely "Pragmatic Progressives"

I don't need to agree with Amy Goodman to respect the MUCKRACKING that she does.

I have more faith that she will "let everyone have it" with (the amount of "fairness" that one can reasonably expect from an ideologically branded broadcast) those on the left that she tends to favor "getting theirs" from her.

Are you hearing this information about Africa from other sources?

As Hundreds Of Africans Protest Against Obama's Visit - The "Pragmatic Obamabots Of America" Vow To Stop The American Right-Wing From Gaining Further Influence Upon Their African Brothers And Sisters To Trick Them

 Source TPM

The Rebuttal By The Pragmatic Obamabots:

You Now Wait For A Black Man To Become President To Indict Him For Failing To Take Up Reparations For Black People?    
With Obama Getting 96% Of The Black Vote - This Shows That You Don't Know Black Americas.   We Are Happy That President Obama Is Fighting The Republicans Rather Than Taking Up Reparations.  

If The GOP Had Their Way - We'd All Be Slaves Again.   

Monday, June 10, 2013

Change Has Come!! Now The USA Sends Arms Into Foreign Conflicts To Assist In "Social Justice" Rather Than For Nefarious Reasons

Philly.com: US Close To Arming Syrian Rebels

Those who PRETEND to be on the outside of the "US Imperialist" system that they claim to stand against  - merely have never lived vicariously through an establishment power to see just how much they are like their ideological adversaries when given the opportunity.

Their POWER comes from their ability to justify their (same) actions or to keep their base of supporters in denial.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Samantha Power - The Adviser That Convinced President Obama To Label The "Invasion Of Libya" As A "Humanitarian Mission" - Making It More Easily Digestible To Obama's Progressive Base

When you see the mastery of language that is effective at giving people who are otherwise predisposed to oppose certain foreign policy actions a set of 'talking points' that THEY in turn co-opt to use in defense of the policies of the people they live vicariously through.................a point is reached that you stop LOOKING AT THE POLICIES, instead choosing to do a psychological assessment of the "Unmet Wants And Needs" of the people who are heard speaking in a tongue that is not natural to their previous disposition.

Why "Benghazi Was Made Into A Republican Over-reach To Attack The Black President"

From Wikipedia

Advocate for military intervention in Libya

Samantha Power is considered to be a key figure within the Obama administration in persuading the president to intervene militarily in Libya. Power argues that America has a moral obligation to examine all tools in the toolbox (diplomatic, economic, political, and military) to respond to mass atrocity, and she has argued that there may be circumstances in which military intervention may be appropriate to prevent genocides. Within the White House, Power strongly pressed for U.S. intervention on humanitarian grounds. She has been described as instrumental in convincing Obama to push for a UN Security Council resolution to authorize a coalition military force to protect Libyan civilians. Power has previously argued that "you don't get any extra credit for doing the right thing". "It's up to us" to change that calculus, she said. "My prescription," she said, "would be that the level of American and international engagement would ratchet up commensurate with the abuse on the ground."

Monday, June 3, 2013

Black Enterprise Magazine Is More Interested In Marketing Obama's 10 Year Budget Deficit Savings While Never Mentioning The Deficit

If you assume as a given that Black Enterprise is fully aware of the chart below - when you see them marketing "The Savings" but saying nothing about the total debt generated over the same 10 year period - does it become clear to you that BE's agenda in their article was to market the President's plan and push Congress to accept it?

The old days in which "Ronald Reagan Doubled The Debt" as an indictment are gone.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Caller To The Host: "Based On What I Am Hearing You Need To Bring In {A List Of "Black Conscious Voices" That Included Dick Gregory} .........So That They Can Stop Calling In AND CRITICIZING OUR PRESIDENT

I cry inside when I am confronted with the TRUE of how the "Americanized Blacks" think.

BLACK POLITICS Is "The War On The Black Community Governance Culture".

It establishes a justification as to WHY we must agree, in congregational unity, to violate the core tenants of our institutional integrity BECAUSE there is a greater external RIGHT WING threat that needs to be confronted.

When I listen to "Black Wing Grievance And Political Opportunism Talk Radio" I understand that many of the show hosts are provocateurs.   They get better ratings if they set up a "straw man enemy Republican" and then commence to opening the phone lines to the callers that amplify this point.

UNFORTUNATELY when "Protecting The US President" so the Progressive Agenda can go unimpeded, providing the fix to the Black community that the local take over has thus far failed to provide AND when the "Republican controlled US House" is a greater threat to the Black community than is:

  • The local City Council that has was assembled through the popular preferences of the people
  • The local police, licensing enforcement, fire and property tax function that reports to the mayor who was popularly elected
  • The school board who hold the precious key to "Equality" that the protest signs that the NAACP said it was
.....................YOU KNOW that not only that there is a PROBLEM but that the loosely coupled components of the "Black Racial Services Machine" work to perpetuate the problem state.

The following are some paraphrased comments heard on WAOK Atlanta.
This has been a tough week for the loyal Progressive bigots.
With the indictment of Georgia Senator Tyrone Brooks and the "Republican generated" scandal attacks upon the Black President

With OBAMA ON THE STAGE it is critical that we look into the CONGREGATION and more importantly the PRESS BOX that is in the balcony

A Black Obama Supporter On The "Republican Hypocrisy" On Benghazi:

"The Republicans can't have it both ways on this Benghazi situation.  WHEN OBAMA INVADED LIBYA THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN SUPPORT OF THIS POLICY.

Now that this situation went down and 4 Americans were killed THEY PRETEND that this is all OBAMA'S DOING.

(He also mentioned something about the CIA that I don't recall)

Hmmmm. Where have I heard this illogic by transference of indictment before?  It sounds so familiar.

I know:
"The REPUBLICANS have always sold out Black people when we needed protection the most.

The Republicans agreed to REMOVE THE FEDERAL TROOPS FROM THE POST-CIVIL WAR SOUTH because they wanted the office of the President more than they cared about Black people.


If the REPUBLICANS negotiated at the expense of Black people to obtain the White House, allowing President Hayes to take office - WHO WERE THEY NEGOTIATING WITH and what did they get in the exchange?

You see - IN BOTH CASES - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN does not wish to INDICT the "Team" that HE RESIDES UPON.

He knows that HIS FELLOW BIGOTS enjoy AFFIRMATION of what they already believe over LOGIC.

Despite the fact that the GREATER OFFENSE should have been that  A BLACK PRESIDENT has chosen to execute WHAT THEY WOULD BE CALLING a "RACIST AMERICAN FOREIGN/MILITARY POLICY" as the US/NATO munitions seem exclusively reserved for NATIONS OF COLOR - the Americanized Negro ONLY has conscious awareness of his DOMESTIC POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST POSITIONS and thus he understands that if he sells his fraud as "THE REPUBLICANS WENT ALONG WITH THE BLACK COMMANDER IN CHIEF INSTEAD OF STOPPING HIM" that THEY FAILED THE AFRICANS who were attacked.

These American People Of Color Protested To STOP BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These Foreign People Of Color Had To Protest Obama Because The "Americanized Blacks" Chose Not To Undercut Their Domestic Social Justice

"Based On What I Am Hearing You Need To Bring In {A List Of "Black Conscious Voices" That Included Dick Gregory} .........So That They Can Stop Calling In AND CRITICIZING OUR PRESIDENT Analysis

I can take POLITICAL BIAS.  I really can.  I have no intrinsic hatred for "Progressivism".

Especially FRAUD that dresses itself up as 'Black Consciousness', only to slip a loaded die into the game of craps.

In theory a "Conscious" Black person like Dick Gregory would INDEED be a good reference to make sense of American foreign policy and how we should be on guard.

UNFORTUNATELY - Dick Gregory and a long list of Black Progressive Fundamentalist Revolutionaries are too focused on THE RIGHT WING enemy to keep their eye on the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, regardless of the fact that Obama is in power.

"I don't know why the Republicans are focused on Obama and the IRS scandal targeting the Tea Party.  When Bush was in office he had so much contempt for Black people living in homes and generating wealth that he allowed the banks to steal the homes and put Black people on the street.  More Black people were targeted by Bush than the IRS targeted the Tea Party. ANALYSIS

With some comments you can't invest your time in rebuttal.

YOU MUST understand that such a person is so compromised that HER POLTIICAL ENEMY is a more worthy target than her incumbent requirement to PROTECT HER OWN VALUABLES from usurpation by people who won her confidence. 
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BLAX News: NAACP Of North Carolina: "God Don't Like Ugly Republicans"

  • Blax News: The Police Detain The Black Preachers In North Carolina Inside Of Their Patrol Cars - Forcing Them To Ride Around Certain Black Communities To See The DAMAGE That They Do To "Would Be Pillars Of The Black Community" As Benign Neglect From Their Distracted Community Leadership Allows Them To Morph Into Street Pirates

Pragmantic Obamabots - Obama's Billionaire Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker Is Not The "Evil Rich" That We Hate. She Is Down With The "Occupation" Just Like Jay-Z And Beyonce So We Support The President's Good Decision On A Known "Corporate Fighter"

Credit should be given to President Obama.

His cabinet now has it second "Chicago Public Schools" administrative veteran and any Chicago area supporter who is disgruntled about the school dare not sound like a Republican and undercut the President on his choice. 

Obama has learned how to TRIANGULATE --------HIS BASE OF SUPPORTERS.

From Drone Bombings to Assata Shakur he understands the "Rhythm Method" by which his role as Commander In Chief and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer In The Land - requires him to do (what his base calls) RIGHT WING actions in operating the American government.     But fear not - he can smooth over any of these grievances that transpire in the "down cycle" once he issues a leftist policy proposal and pits his base against the RIGHT WING ENEMY who his base hates more than Obama's "right wing executive actions".

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Those Who Refuse To Carry Foreign Pictures Of "The Face Of The US Imperialist Military Being Burned In Effigy" Also Refuse To Cover The US Congressional Testimony About The Drones That Triggered Their Angst

When you consider the "domestic partisan death match" that some people are engaged upon - it should come as no surprise that when they see these images produced from individuals that are INTERNATIONAL in the scope of their grievances - the operatives that bring us the news prefer to stay silent.

By carrying these images - they would be forced to converse about the MOTIVATIONS for these images.

Since these are not "The Tea Party Racists" that are burning the image of a Black man - their "blacked out news coverage" will not have to cover the fact that these "people of color" are burning the FACE OF THE AMERICAN IMPERIALIST MILITARY.

Fear not - when the next US president comes into office - they will likely burn this person's image as well.   Shamefully they are more consistent and transparent than is the American press and its analysts.

The US Congressional Testimony About The US Use Of Drones On "Nations Of Color" That You Did Not Hear Much About

View Larger Map

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Understanding The Sequestration - Obama Got The GOP To Accept Military Spending Cuts So That The GOP Could Have Obama To Be Seeing Blaming The GOP For Forcing Him To Cut Spending

The losers in this grand fraud of politics by the "Dung Producing Party Animals" are the American people.

We see that despite the small proportional size of the $85 billion in cuts - which is 8.5% of this years federal debt spending and 2.3% of the massive $2,700 billion federal budge - these "Dung Producing Party Animals" chomp at the bit for a fight over the most marginal of issues.

The main forces of FRAUD that have been exposed in all of this is the news media.
Despite the fact that they all claim "journalistic integrity" and "independence - working on behalf of the people in good governance" - the real issue at hand is their collective ability at gamesmanship because THE FINANCES OF THE USA are largely ABSTRACTED from all combatants:

  • The Democrats and Republicans
  • The News Media operatives
  • and worst of all - The American people

In this game of brinkmanship:

  • The GOP was compelled to yield upon their claim that "Defense spending is sacrosanct" in order to put President Obama in the hot seat and make spending cuts that he did not want to make
  • The Democrats in the House showed that they will support retention of spending in "Social Justice Programs" - the long term solvency of the nation be damned
  • Most of all - President Obama took to the microphone and was heard blaming the Republicans for forcing his hand at the spending cuts
All show profiles in lack of courage and conviction into their marginal areas of interest.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obama's Chief Media Cheerleader: "If Bush Used Drones In The Way That Obama Is Doing He Would Have Been Impeached"

Mediaite: Tina Brown To Bill Maher: Obama ‘Would Be Impeached By Now On Drones’ If He Were Bush

The first bit of intellectual honesty coming from Tina Brown in a long time.

Ms Brown can't bring herself to admit that her news oracle "The Daily Beast"/"Newsweek" is culpable in the present situation.


The  more accurate assessment is to note that the US GOVERNMENT is doing to do what it is going to do and that the NEWS MEDIA plays a strong hand in whipping up public sentiment OR keeping them distracted on "Bread And Circuses".

There are more Americans worried about the dress that their starlet will wear on tonight's Grammy Awards than they care about American foreign policy

Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama - The First President That Progressives Want Him To Use Them So He Can Win Because He Is Smarter Than Them And Their Right-Wing Enemies

You often hear Progressive Fundamentalists say "Obama's playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers"

During the first campaign I told you of the number of people that I debated against who demanded that I agree with the supposition that "Obama is smarter than all of us".

The ONLY thing that I yield is that Obama gives Progressive Fundamentalists justified cover to compromise themselves in support of Progressivism's fight against the Right-Wing.

As the US Government commits "offenses" that would have otherwise drawn protests in their ranks - they act pragmatically, reasoning that if they go against "Obama" - their arguments will strengthen the right wing and make Obama weaker - forcing him to defend himself against their common enemy all by himself.

Obama understand that if he throws out "one Progressive bone" domestically for his base to fight their right-wing enemy over - he can conduct what would otherwise be a violation of their left-wing progressive views on the foreign policy military, intelligence or domestic financial services standard.    If there is any chess that is being played THEY ARE moving their own pieces as they converge around Obama their "King piece".

I was mistaken in my previous assessment as I noted that the Progressive compromise with Obama will show its face when an "Enemy Republican" President takes office in the future.

The more accurate and updated analysis is - that as future Progressive Presidents take office - as the nation's "Democratic and Cultural Shift" transpires - that which was considered "Right-wing Militarism" will be fully integrated into Progressive-Fundamentalist rationalization - with only the SELF-NARRATED JUSTIFICATION for the attack having changed.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In Exclusive Listening To MSNBC's Ed Schultz You'd Be Clueless About The American Debt Crisis And The Entitlement Crisis

The best way to get people to operate against their long term best interests is to frame their efforts as "A Struggle" and then keep them focused on the EVIL ENEMY.

It should come as no surprise that on the Fiscal Cliff where the evil Republicans were fighting for a $80 billion per year preservation of "Tax Cuts For The Rich" - President Obama was victorious (note: I do not know at this time all of the details of the legislation that passed the US Senate) - this DESPITE never having a budget deficit on his watch that was below $1 Trillion.

We are told that the "Fiscal Cliff" debate which sought about $1.6 trillion in "savings" over a 10 year period ($160 billion per year) has a greater negative impact than does these massive (near)$700b to  $1 Trillion annual deficits that are projected for the next 10 years.

It is important for Mr Schultz frame this as a "Protection Of Social Security" at the hands of the Democrats.   I can imagine that a few years ago the voters of Detroit, Chicago, and Newark were said to be "protecting something" as they fought off the enemy and won dominate control over the commanding heights of the respective cities.

Despite its fiscal 2012 “net cash flow” deficit, as SSA describes it, the agency was able to book an on-paper “increase” of $64.580 billion in the Social Security Trust Funds. That, SSA says, is because the U.S. Treasury “paid” the trust funds $112.398 in “interest” in fiscal 2012 on the historial surpluses in Social Security taxes that the Treasury siphoned off to cover other spending by the federal government.
As of the end of calendar year 2011, according to SSA, the Social Security Trust Fund equaled approximately $2.678 trillion.
The last time the Social Security program ran a “net cash flow” surplus was in fiscal 2009. In that year, Social Security’s revenues exceeded its benefit and overhead payments by $19.358 billion. In fiscal 2010, Social Security ran a $36.8 billion deficit; and, in fiscal 2011, it ran a $47.975 deficit.

We have the murky accounting of "The Government Owing Itself" and "Paying itself Interest" for the money that it borrowed from ITSELF (The Social Security Trust Fund).
My point is not a partisan indictment but the notation that as we accept this scheme, while the gap between our organic production versus the standard of living that we live - this fiat economy that is based upon the confidence of investors may not respond to the Federal Reserve's antics in keeping the house of cards going.

I still have not heard from a single person who shows the downside of driving the development of "The Least Of These" through the local institutions rather than stringing them along with hopes of "nationalized social justice".