Friday, December 7, 2012

The Climate Conference Puts Their Request For Obama's Second Term In With The Hispanics And The Blacks

I watch "Democracy Now".
Their big drive is "Climate Change".
In the latest UN Climate Conference in Doha the masses of delegates clapped as the US representative took to the stage.  The sentiment was that with President Obama reelected in the United States he will be freed in his second term to release more aggressive environmental policies, in line with the Kyoto Protocols and other agreements that they favor.

As the applause died down and the US rep began to take on questions the initial excitement faded.

As the audience asked if the United States would now do more - the rep made a list of accomplishments by the Obama Administration.  The point was: "You just don't know what we did and this is why you are disappointed in us".

As another member of the audience attempted to get the rep to make a negative point about the conference host - an oil producing country - the US rep defended Qatar as a strong partner and leader.


BIGOTRY is both negative & hateful as well as positive & assuming good will.
The most accurate definition of bigotry is that one's OPINION is out of alignment with the real world truth of the subject at hand.

This is NOT a criticism of the Obama Administration.
In fact I applaud them for managing their base.
A politician is typically going to be the gateway through which his base channels their voice, USING them to accomplish the administration's agenda but acknowledging that he ultimately must represent the entire INSTITUTION.   This points to the fact that this base, regardless of how enlightened they believe themselves to be - are a faction of the entire set of opinions and interests.

President Obama is not going to do self-inflicted damage upon the US economy by pressing a hard line on curtailing carbon based fuel.

The point that needs to be made, as we look at a conference who's delegates mostly flew in on carbon burning airplanes - is that THEY need to live down to the standard of living that their theories would enforce.  

Climate change has always been the case upon the Earth.
The question of Man Made Climate Change - is a matter of the balance of ECONOMICS between man's will to accept any consequences that these changes might bring forth versus his will to retain the modern standard of living.  IF AN WHEN there is a tipping point then the bottom line remains - an ECONOMIC decision will be made that our safety from natural disasters are more important.

Deep divisions as UN climate talks near end

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