Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"What Chu Talking About Chuck D? We Made Up The Term 'The New World Order' And We Also Decided That Commander In Chief Obama Is Not In It - Like Bush & Cheney Is"

Shaka Griffith: Sorry Chuck, Barack’s Not In The New World Order!

Sorry Chuck D - I have to go with Shaka Griffith on this one.

With "The New World Order" as a manufactured CONGREGATION of forces used to make an ideological/political INDICTMENT - you failed to run your opinion through enough "ears, eyes and brains" for them to consider all of the ramifications of your decision to look at EQUAL OUTCOMES AT THE HANDS OF THE US GOVERNMENT  yet dare to breach the protocol of assuming that a "Progressive Ally" is capable of doing such things via the US Government.

You sure have changed, Chuck D, since you no longer have the daily influence of White Progressive Allies on the radio show, keeping you in line from your "radical thoughts" where you assume that Obama is an "Equal American Imperialist".

Perhaps you need a co-hosting bit with Rachel Maddow to reestablish the limits of your thinking and indictments again?

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