Friday, July 13, 2012

The Sound Of "Romney's A Tax Cheat Because Of His Tax Havens" Got Muted Once The Truth About Delaware And Its Long Time Senator Joe Biden Came Out

WHYY Radio Times: Tax Havens - Mitt Romney And The State Of Delaware

Prior to the bankruptcy and reformation of General Motors please note from the paragraph below that it was incorporated in Delaware.

Hughes, a Delaware corporation, is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM, also a Delaware corporation. Hughes holds a number of Commission licenses and authorizations directly or through its wholly- or majority-owned subsidiaries. Hughes’ wholly-owned subsidiaries include DIRECTV Holdings, LLC, the parent company of DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC and United States Satellite Broadcasting Company, Inc., both Commission DBS licensees. Hughes Network Systems, Inc. is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hughes and holds a number of authorizations for transmit/receive earth stations and VSAT networks for use of frequencies in the C and Ku-bands, as well as authorizations for the construction, launch and operation of the Ka-band SPACEWAY Satellite System. Hughes also indirectly holds an approximately 81% economic and voting interest in PanAmSat Corporation, a publicly traded Delaware corporation and the corporate parent of PanAmSat Licensee Corp., a Commission licensee that holds authorizations to operate fixed satellite service systems using the C and Ku-bands, as well as authorizations for numerous earth stations which are licensed to transmit and receive frequencies in the C and Ku-bands.
News Corp. is a corporation formed under the laws of South Australia with securities that are publicly traded on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange. Shareholders holding a greater than 10% interest in News Corp. are K. Rupert Murdoch, a U.S. citizen and chief executive of News Corp., who directly and indirectly controls an approximately 16% equity and 30% voting interest in News Corp., and Liberty Media Corporation (“Liberty”), a Delaware corporation, which holds preferred limited voting ordinary shares representing approximately 17.6% of the shares of News Corp. but with no voting rights except in limited instances. Liberty holds interests in domestic and international video programming, interactive technology services, and communications businesses in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Among its holdings are majority ownership interests in Starz Encore Group LLC (100%) and Liberty Satellite and Technology, Inc. (86%), and minority interests in a number of other programming companies. Liberty also holds a controlling interest in Astrolink International LLC, and the largest plurality interest in Wildblue Communications, Inc., both Commission licensees authorized to construct, launch and operate satellites using frequencies in the Ka-band.

It is frustrating to me to listen to people who's intellect and consciousness can't travel far beyond the "Gotcha Politics" that can bring a warm, soothing spirit upon them for the moment.

The latest scheme that has been running involves Mitt Romney's use of tax havens around the world.

I must be honest - as I listened to the above radio broadcast I found myself saying "I WOULD DO THE SAME DAMNED THING if I had the money".     The most logical defense against a group of people with a mindset to confiscate your money is to PROTECT your money from their slimy hands.

In as much as moving out of the city, county or state has not worked, it is reasonable to follow the law and park one's money outside of the country.

What many of these people can't accept, however, is that there has been far, far, far more deprecation in the TAX BASE of the places that they now control after they erected their "confiscatory taxation scheme" than there is in the estimated $9 billion loss in corporate revenues that the tax avoidance schemes have produced.

There is not a single post that I have made endorsing Mitt Romney.  I plan to leave my vote for President blank.
These series of observations are focused upon YOU - and how you are made to act AFTER OBAMA has taken the stage and caused you to compromise yourself.

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