Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The "Disco Obama" Rappers Still Have It All Wrong

Of course many of you believe me to be an "Obama Hater", blood oozing from my eyes when I see him.  Thus when an "Anti-Obama" song comes out FROM THE LEFT I am supposed to plaster it upon my blog site and feel affirmed.


The "Treble Army" still have fundamentally mis-analyzed the situation.

They need to look at how "Obama On Stage" has motivated the Progressive Supremacists to COMPROMISE THEMSELVES.

The Treble Army could have summarized the situation best by noting:
With Dr King and President Johnson - When King stated "Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere" as the pretext for standing against Johnson and the Vietnam War - King implicitly noted that he valued a greater global vision over the issues that he focused on in America.  (Civil Rights).

Today we have the would be "Dr Kings" in "The Struggle" seeking to advance their "Nationalized SOCIAL JUSTICE Agenda" THROUGH President Obama.   Thus when they make the calculation about American Imperialism that continues under Commander In Chief Obama - they understand that NO ONE AMONG THEIR LEFTIST RANKS is going to execute "Self-Criticism" as they all agree to focus on the DOMESTIC "SOCIAL JUSTICE" in the way of advancing progressive supremacy that Obama is bringing to them.

The Treble Army ultimately gets it all wrong because they never talk about the fact that Obama has triggered a grand COMPROMISE among the ranks of the Progressive Left.

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