Friday, June 8, 2012

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Romney & The Mormons Believe They Become GODS. (D&C 132)

"Brethren 225,000 of you are here tonight. I suppose 225,000 of you may become GODS. There seems to be plenty of space out there in the universe." Mormon Prophet Spencer W Kimball, General Conference, Oct 1975. D&C 132: 20 Then shall they be gods,

It appears that the presence of Mitt Romney the "Mormon who threatens to enter the White House" will yield an interesting set of events into our political discourse.

The Right-Wing religious intolerance that had been attacked by the left as it was directed against Muslim Americans will get a consistency test as some portion of the right-wing stands against Republican Mitt Romney ascending into the White House.

My agenda is NOT to make an indictment against the left in a "Why don't you protect Romney" sort of way.  The ignorance of these right-wing operatives stands alone.    

I make the distinction between my personal religious beliefs and that which is acceptable in the government.   

In my past power to hire people on my job - I saw that the corporate standards had to trump my personal opinions when selecting a qualified candidate.  I believe the same is true with respect to government.

The proper disposition then, for both left and right, is to stand against the "religious litmus test" that anyone seeks to place upon any elected official.

It is one thing that look at how a persons' agenda will damage the nation - regardless of if these views come from his religion or not, versus the practice of making a generalized indictment of one's religion and using this profile to reject an individual member's ability to be judged based on his own merits. 

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