Tuesday, June 5, 2012

High School Obama Supporter Branded A "Racist" For His Caricature Of Obama's "Racist" Critics

Hopefully the young White male progressive who has the unfortunate stain of living in the South and having to assume the racist profile of so many of his White male brothers has learned his lesson.

When you are attacking your racist White cousins for the benefit of Obama you must clearly define your position and not leave it up to the readers to "get the sarcasm".

From The Article:

Trevor May graduated last month with honors -- and a potentially toxic reputation -- after writing a column in Sprayberry High School's student newspaper satirizing critics of President Barack Obama.
Google his name and you'll find plenty of people -- adults, mostly -- branding the 18-year-old Marietta resident as a racist..
"There were [white supremacist] blogs taking my side," May said. . "That was the most depressing thing out of all this."
May's column "Top 20 Reasons Why Obama Should Not Get Re-Elected," published April 25, mixed some of the more sensational allegations leveled against the president with his own intentionally absurd observations, such as, "His dog is ugly" and "He doesn't have a mistress."
There were also intentional contradictions  -- "He's a Nazi. He's a Zionist." -- that May assumed illustrated his point. 
But it seems many people didn't get past the first item: "He's black."
"This was something I tried to write to defame racists yet it was being thrown in my face like I was the bigot," said May, whose 17th reason was, "He's a white supremacist." "I really thought people would find this funny. I was upset people didn't get it."
Sprayberry parent Danisha Crummie, who leaked the story to local media outlets after saying she did not receive a satisfactory response from officials at the Cobb Countyschool, was among those who objected to the column, which appeared in The Stinger's annual satirical insert, The Zinger.

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