Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Commander In Chief Obama, The More Efficient Imperialist, Shows That The Trick To Avoid Anti-War Protests And ACLU Lawsuits Over Torture Is To Launch Small Scale, Constant Violations Of Due Process Of "Alleged Terrorist" Rights

I say this in all sincerity:  President Obama is the most efficient imperialist "Commander In Chief" that this nation has had in recent history.

IF we measure a Commander In Chief's effectiveness by the balanced index of carrying out the "machine's" (America's/ The West's) agenda versus riling up active protests against what the administration is doing - there are no other Commander In Chief that matches President Obama.

Obama has found a way to make the right-wing war hawks happy that the US military is striking "terrorist" targets that are considered threats to American interests.
More interestingly, however, Obama has been able to check the left-wing, anti-war forces over his actions.   Having adopted a "Reverse Dr King" strategy - they are not intent to allow their domestic progressive agenda squandered by a stand against a progressive president who is violating what they had been protesting against just a few short years ago.

From The Article
Rockets fired from a U.S. drone killed 15 people in northwest Pakistan on Monday, intelligence officials said, an attack likely to add to tensions between Washington and Islamabad amid a standoff over NATO supply routes to Afghanistan.
The strike, the third in three days, targeted a militant hideout in the Hasukhel village of the North Waziristan tribal region, officials said.
A senior Pakistani official based in Mir Ali told NBC News the drone had fired four missiles on a "big" compound in the village.
It brought the death toll from drone attacks in Pakistan in the past three days to 27. Pilotless U.S. drones hit targets in the South Waziristan tribal region on Saturday and Sunday.
Local villagers in Hasukhel old NBC News that six U.S. aircraft were seen flying over the area during the attack on the house.
The United States and Pakistan are deadlocked in difficult negotiations for the re-opening of overland supply routes to NATO forces in Afghanistan. No breakthrough is in sight.

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