Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Coming Drone War

Drone warfare foretells an ever-expanding and illegal war

John Fabian Witt
This blog is ultimately not about President Obama.

It is about the presence of Obama and how the will of those with a vested interest in protecting Obama as they protect their ideology and party are made to compromise themselves in the process of doing so.

It is my opinion that (aside from Democracy Now - an independently produced show) "The Eliott Spitzer Show" on "Current TV" is the most thoughtful "left wing news analysis" show on the air.

Despite the fact that I am "right of center" I am less of a blind opponent of the progressive than I am against the use of arm twisted mob-ism to force an illogical argument through.   

The truth is that indeed the "left wing muckraking media" has been talking about the threat that unchecked use of drone aircraft could pose to the long term interests of the United States.  The problem is that it is not being picked up by their activist allies who would turn it into an INDICTMENT against the Commander In Chief.   So while they have the necessary intellectual debates on how a foreign nation will one day develop the technical competency to launch drone attacks into the United States - this point has not achieved "Occupation Status".

Keep an eye out from a book from John Fabian Witt which will ponder all of the questions and legal ramifications on the use of drones. 

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