Monday, May 7, 2012

VP Cheney Was Right - Deficits Don't Matter - After Obama

The Anti-Republican / Obama Sycophant Blog - offers up a truncated chart on "Job Creation" which focuses on the contrast between the last 2 years of Bush versus the last 3.5 years under Obama.

It never occurred to the biased propagandist to scale the chart back several years earlier to capture more data.  I'm sorry.  YES IT DID occur to him.  This would cause his argument to crumble as he moved beyond the financial crisis that rocked the nation between 2007 and 2009.

I have no expectation that Ezkool is going to avoid "lies of omission".  His job is to frame the issue in which Obama looks good, regardless of the data and to have the opposition to Obama look bad.  In this case he (and Nancy Pelosi) understands that by limiting the data set from April 2008 through to today they can achieve the characterization that they desire.

If we expand the US job creation numbers from 2003 over to Aprl 2011 (I just happened to find this chart from a Google Image search) - the scheme to frame the argument is exposed.

I only desire HONOR in one's debate.  Some people understand that "honor" is a constraint to their agenda.

The first thing to do to disarm such a propagandist that PURPORTS to be representing the interests of the Black community and "The Least Of These" is to work to get  them off of the "Bush/Obama' battle and instead to force them to make qualitative statements about THE CONDITION OF THE COMMUNITY TODAY.   NOT with reference to OBAMA but instead in reference to their own INTERESTS.

As such I ask Ezkool - "Are YOU satisfied with a 13% Black unemployment rate - after more than 50 years of Black Community Development Consciousness" INVESTMENTS into the president machine that dominates your interests locally, state-level and now federal?

People like Ezkool are itching for a fight.
In doing so he prefers to "Keep His Enemy On Trial" so that he doesn't have to "INDICT his friends".

The only way to dislodge such a consciousness is to transform his thinking from "The Malcolm X Political Football Game" over to an "INVESTMENT ADVISER" in which "his peoples" retirement resources and "intergenerational wealth" are now under his control - the future outcomes and ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that appear through the institutions under his control - define the aggregate standard of living for his people - 100 years from now.

I am working on a means of transitioning the prevailing Black Political Consciousness from "STRUGGLE" against the past over to "Management Of Present Institutions" - using a data driven approach by which an increase in dispassionate assessments are made.
I already have my data loaded into Microsoft Access to do some number crunching.

Stay tuned.

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