Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Obama Uses A Dual Chum Feeding Strategy To String His Left-Wing Base Along

In the Same 2 Weeks:

The Good
The Damnable Offense To The Progressive Sentiments
Announce That The "Pantie Bomber II" Plot Has Been Foiled  Announce That The Administration Has Approved Increased Drone Bombings In Yemen
Tell how a double agent that you had in Al Queda assisted you in targeting and KILLING a terror SUSPECT Restart Bombing In The Sovereign Nation Of Pakistan
Announce that you support the radical redefinition of Marriage, selling it as the FIRST SITTING PRESIDENT to do so (as part of your PROGRESSIVE marketing strategy) The Policy Advisors Warn That Social Security And Medicare Will Be Insolvent At A Date That Is Sooner Than Was Predicated A Few Years Ago - Pointing To Trouble Ahead

COUNT ON YOUR PROGRESSIVE BASE to choose to cheer about the 3 good items and dutifully remain silent on the items that are a threat to their progressive sensibilities - that they used to protest against because they were proof that the last Commander in Chief is a killer who had no respect for due process.

The people who's consciousness is that of a perpetual fight against their ENEMY IDEOLOGY rather than a retention of their ideological standards - are going to always choose praise and focus on their enemy rather than how THEIR FRIEND is showing everyone who is watching that their base only believes in POWER. 

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