Saturday, May 12, 2012

How Obama Is Transactionally Successful In The Eyes Of The Progressive-Fundamentalists Who's Ideological Blindness Prevents Them From Noting The Big Picture Failure In Stewardship

When your goal from the start is to tell the good news of "Your Guy" - it stands to reason that you also will be forced to avoid talking about the larger context.

Daily-KOS "Obama keeps good on his promises - Pays Native Americans the billions owed to them"

There is no question that when the content providers at The DailyKOS sees President Obama keeping good on his promises to give the money due to the Native Americans and attacking corporations - they get a tingle up their leg.

To them this is proof that we have "just leadership" at the helm of the ship (now).

The reason why Obama can be so "good" is because the DailyKOS is not going to note that this $4.5 billion in "justice money" comes in the context of a $1,200 billion in deficit spending that has been ran up each year for the past 3 years.

The rhetoric of the "Drunken Sailor spending spree" is now tabled because THIS TIME the DailyKOS likes the "drunk" and likes what he is spending on.

Upon bankruptcy does anyone recall a person who told the bankruptcy court that she did not spend her money on a closet full of shoes, instead she went broke paying her utility bills on a credit card?

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