Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol Economic Analysis

My personal commitment to investing in research and analysis is often threatened by my observations that propaganda proves more powerful if your goal is mass influence and acceptance.

The latest news of President Obama being a "Budget Hawk" as proven by the slowing growth in federal spending is yet another point of evidence of such propaganda.

If we fail to note that the majority of the people who will be championing this news about Obama are themselves Keynesian in their economic theories and thus such a shrinkage is an affront to what they actually believe - the first round of filters on their logic will be by passed.

Next - we must understand that the United States has seen a tremendous economic slowdown (indeed a global slowdown) since 2008.  This has hit the revenue intake of the US government.   When people attack Obama for having run up a $5 trillion debt - they are in error to pretend that he created a boatload of new spending.

Instead the increasing federal deficit is from a nation that is more committed to retain some semblance of  a particular economic standard of living, even when it is beyond its economic means to do so.(also known as "fronting") 
This short term ability to retain this order comes at the cost of its long term viability.   Each bit of federal debt should be seen as yet another draw upon a cigarette, which the American Cancer Society has translated in to minutes of life taken from the smoker.

But that's not all.

The greatest irony of the JingOists is that they are unable to see the spending increases that OBAMA PROPOSED, that they ATTACKED their common enemies for opposing, and yet having failed to accomplish these "Debt Stimulating Stimulus Spending Proposals" - being intent to wave alms at Obama over something - they now point to his moderation in spending.

(I am not going to bother doing the research of the immediate past to find YOUR words.  You will remember them on your own)

The greater drive of the JingOist is to retain the favor of Obama with their base RATHER THAN have them attach their loyalties to the economic standing of the nation as a whole and its long term viability.

Yearly Federal Budget Deficit

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