Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama's "Buffett Tax" Will Raise Only $47 Billion Over 10 Years While The US Government Will Spend Over $47,000 Billion In The Same Period

The greatest frustration that I have IS NOT with my ideological disagreement with any group of people or politician.

My issue is with the outright FRAUDULENCE of those who claim to be credible in their political prognostications.

When it comes to President Obama - again I say - it is best to look past his own words and actions and LOOK INTO THE CROWD at the JingOists.

They are so revered up for any fight that their "Commander In Chief" puts them up to that they are loathed to AFFIRM THE VERACITY of the fight that Obama placed before them because of their IDEOLOGICAL entrenchment.

  • The Buffett Tax plays upon people;s "Tax The Rich" sentiment and thus they can't see past the fact that it only raises at most $5 billion per year.   This in the context of a federal government that is $1,200 billion in the hole EACH AND EVERY YEAR.    (I get angry because I wish I was making this up and not seeing what I am seeing)
  • The Student Loan Interest battle is a fight to avoid a doubling of interest................from 3% to 6% - a sum that was made to look like a $1000 PER YEAR in crease.  In truth it is $1000 over the life of the loan and thus about $10 a month.

My observation to look into the crowd is an attempt to note the amount of integrity that people have yielded in defense of Obama as they seek to battle on his behalf.

Rest assure that a GOP-bigot has the same proclivity to compromise himself.

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