Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Now The "Institution" Of The United States Is A Warmonger - Not The Commander In Chief

With so many different individuals talking about "The Shadow Government", "The US Military", "The War Hawks" it is strange that "The Commander In Chief" is so often spoken of as an outsider, a man who has been "changed" by the people who surround him, a man who must fight the machine.

Beyond his EFFICIENCY at executing American Imperialism - these actions are rarely argued from the perspective of "Justification" by those who we all thought were Anti-War.

Friday, March 2, 2012

"I Was Going To Agree With You Over The Drones And The Quran Burning UNTIL I Saw You Were A Racist. Now I Won't Support You Until You Apologize For Being Racist Against Obama"

Several Black Progressive Political blogs have posted this picture of protesters in Afghanistan calling American President Obama "Black Dog Obama".

There are other such references to Obama in Pakistan at the various anti-drone protests that have transpired over the years.

When given the choice between remaining consistent in their opposition to American militarism and calling out RACISM against Obama - they show what is important to them at every turn.