Monday, February 20, 2012

The "If You Were Intellectually Honest" Report - What Did Obama Do To Raise The Gas Prices To Their Present Record Highs For This Time Of The Year?

This is a picture sent to me by a close friend who has an "Obama 2008" bump sticker on his car.

I recall the e-mail said something about "policy consequences" and "competent governance".  

OK fair.

At the time I figured that the only thing that we was leveraging is the fact that Obama had not yet taken office (during the transition period) and thus had no track record to register.

Of course this is not the case today.

The art of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game", for all of those who are ensnared within it is to deemphasize the set of "permanent interests" that have been abused by "your friend" and promote the "permanent interests" that your friend has inflated.

For the record - I do not believe that the President Of The United States has direct control over the price of gasoline OR the jobs situation in the USA.  Both are subject to market forces.  Increasingly the American empire has less ability to exert her influence over global variables in order to sculpt favorable results for her own interests.

Its only going to get worse as other nations who were in the mud now stand taller and compete with us.

It would be great to use this new news about record late winter gas prices to begin to re-rationalzie the decision to not approve the XL Gas Pipeline.

Ideology comes into the picture as certain people see a "Green Future" but are loathed to accept responsibility of the increases in prices that their heavy handed intermediate steps will cause the American consumer to suffer from.

It is my view that the present condition in Nigeria which has a demand for gasoline that exceeds its domestic oil refining capacity that was underdeveloped due to GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION is little different than America one day not having enough access to petroleum and thus the price sky rockets because IDEOLOGUES in the GOVERNMENT have chosen to cow tow toward their ideological soul mate with policies that limited the access to this needed resource.

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