Friday, February 24, 2012

Did You Hear The One Where "Obama Saved The Auto Industry?"

If you come close to a debate with a JingOists you will soon learn that we are supposed to throw alms at President Obama for he "saved the auto industry".

If you watch carefully you will never hear them tell you WHY they needed saving.  No mention of bloated cost of production costs.  The news that masses of money paid for health care for retirees.  The fact that Ford Motor Co did not file for bankruptcy - they saw the writing on the wall years ago and went to their unions to work out concessions.

Instead we are to look at the billions in debt money that President Obama (and President Bush) gave to GM and Chrysler and mutually affirm that Obama is indeed "worthy".


Notice the frequent lack of transparent economic facts when it comes to individuals who's main agenda is to lavish praise upon President Obama and as such construct a narrative that is favorable rather than comprehensive.

Do you notice how "Banks got bailed out and we got sold out" is replaced by the charge "Obama saved Detroit and the American Auto Industry"?

If both sets of corporations were at the point of collapse and receive government assistance - why are they treated so differently in populous rhetoric?

The answer is clear.

  • Detroit Auto Makers are union shops
  • Big Banks are the bane of the critics of capitalism 
They can't bring themselves to see that the debt money paid to both the banks and the auto manufacturers was financed on the capital markets.

Article : How Ford Avoided Bankruptcy And A Bail Out

Foreign Owned Auto Brands With American Based Manufacturing Plants


  • BMW -  South Carolina
  • Toyota - California, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Alabama
  • Subaru - Indiana
  • Nissan - Tennessee, Mississippi
  • Mitsubishi Motors - Illinois
  • Mercedes-Benz - Alabama
  • Mazda - Michigan
  • Kia - Georgia
  • Hyundia - Alabama
  • Honda - Ohio, Indiana
  • Fiat - Partial acquisition of Chrysler - Engines mfg in Michigan, Cars assembeled in Mexico

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