Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 Of 10 Placement - What If Obama's "Green Jobs Program" Were A "For Profit College"? Would The Education Dept Shut It Down?

The best way to appraise the credibility of a "Pragmatic ObamaBOT" is to have a broader view on the issues than what you see them focusing on and then note that when a "favorable official" violates a principle that had disturbed them before yet they are SILENT - you understand that many of their "core issues" are merely selectively ideological in nature.

I am NOT doing a 'hypocrisy chase".  Instead I am focusing upon how their own base and their own interests are harmed because they are unable to stand in defense of their "Permanent Interests" regardless of who is at the helm.

Obama green jobs program faces further investigation

Or is this a reasonable inspection of policy effectiveness, the initiative itself having an ideological motivation - just as the investigation?

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