Friday, February 24, 2012

Did You Hear The One Where "Obama Saved The Auto Industry?"

If you come close to a debate with a JingOists you will soon learn that we are supposed to throw alms at President Obama for he "saved the auto industry".

If you watch carefully you will never hear them tell you WHY they needed saving.  No mention of bloated cost of production costs.  The news that masses of money paid for health care for retirees.  The fact that Ford Motor Co did not file for bankruptcy - they saw the writing on the wall years ago and went to their unions to work out concessions.

Instead we are to look at the billions in debt money that President Obama (and President Bush) gave to GM and Chrysler and mutually affirm that Obama is indeed "worthy".


Notice the frequent lack of transparent economic facts when it comes to individuals who's main agenda is to lavish praise upon President Obama and as such construct a narrative that is favorable rather than comprehensive.

Do you notice how "Banks got bailed out and we got sold out" is replaced by the charge "Obama saved Detroit and the American Auto Industry"?

If both sets of corporations were at the point of collapse and receive government assistance - why are they treated so differently in populous rhetoric?

The answer is clear.

  • Detroit Auto Makers are union shops
  • Big Banks are the bane of the critics of capitalism 
They can't bring themselves to see that the debt money paid to both the banks and the auto manufacturers was financed on the capital markets.

Article : How Ford Avoided Bankruptcy And A Bail Out

Foreign Owned Auto Brands With American Based Manufacturing Plants


  • BMW -  South Carolina
  • Toyota - California, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Alabama
  • Subaru - Indiana
  • Nissan - Tennessee, Mississippi
  • Mitsubishi Motors - Illinois
  • Mercedes-Benz - Alabama
  • Mazda - Michigan
  • Kia - Georgia
  • Hyundia - Alabama
  • Honda - Ohio, Indiana
  • Fiat - Partial acquisition of Chrysler - Engines mfg in Michigan, Cars assembeled in Mexico

Monday, February 20, 2012

Will.I.Am: "OK. I admit it. Its' going to take more than 'Dick Riding Obama' to CHANGE America" Obama isn't a 'magic man'

The "If You Were Intellectually Honest" Report - What Did Obama Do To Raise The Gas Prices To Their Present Record Highs For This Time Of The Year?

This is a picture sent to me by a close friend who has an "Obama 2008" bump sticker on his car.

I recall the e-mail said something about "policy consequences" and "competent governance".  

OK fair.

At the time I figured that the only thing that we was leveraging is the fact that Obama had not yet taken office (during the transition period) and thus had no track record to register.

Of course this is not the case today.

The art of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game", for all of those who are ensnared within it is to deemphasize the set of "permanent interests" that have been abused by "your friend" and promote the "permanent interests" that your friend has inflated.

For the record - I do not believe that the President Of The United States has direct control over the price of gasoline OR the jobs situation in the USA.  Both are subject to market forces.  Increasingly the American empire has less ability to exert her influence over global variables in order to sculpt favorable results for her own interests.

Its only going to get worse as other nations who were in the mud now stand taller and compete with us.

It would be great to use this new news about record late winter gas prices to begin to re-rationalzie the decision to not approve the XL Gas Pipeline.

Ideology comes into the picture as certain people see a "Green Future" but are loathed to accept responsibility of the increases in prices that their heavy handed intermediate steps will cause the American consumer to suffer from.

It is my view that the present condition in Nigeria which has a demand for gasoline that exceeds its domestic oil refining capacity that was underdeveloped due to GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION is little different than America one day not having enough access to petroleum and thus the price sky rockets because IDEOLOGUES in the GOVERNMENT have chosen to cow tow toward their ideological soul mate with policies that limited the access to this needed resource.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Obama Show

Don't watch the screen - listen out for the "Laugh Track" and the audience that is provoked to clap at everything.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Obama T-Shirt - Made In Bangladesh, Burned In Pakistan

The Atlantic - Suck It Up American Must Apologize To Pakistan For Killing 24 Of Its Soldiers 

Or as the "Obama Fist Bump American Press Operatives" would say - the sight of the image of a Black man burning is proof that they are RACISTS who would like to reenact what the Klan used to do to Black men like Barack Obama during Jim Crow days.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Color Is The Parchment Paper In Obama's Torah?

We must wrap Obama in the sheets of paper from our sacred torah so that he is protected from all attacks upon him by racists and Republicans as in his brilliance we are blinded by the attacks made by the American imperialist machine under his command.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 Of 10 Placement - What If Obama's "Green Jobs Program" Were A "For Profit College"? Would The Education Dept Shut It Down?

The best way to appraise the credibility of a "Pragmatic ObamaBOT" is to have a broader view on the issues than what you see them focusing on and then note that when a "favorable official" violates a principle that had disturbed them before yet they are SILENT - you understand that many of their "core issues" are merely selectively ideological in nature.

I am NOT doing a 'hypocrisy chase".  Instead I am focusing upon how their own base and their own interests are harmed because they are unable to stand in defense of their "Permanent Interests" regardless of who is at the helm.

Obama green jobs program faces further investigation

Or is this a reasonable inspection of policy effectiveness, the initiative itself having an ideological motivation - just as the investigation?