Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama Needs To Talk To His Advisers And Local Party Mates About His Goals

President Obama detailed his vision of America that included:

  • Educate Our Children
  • An Economy Where New High Tech Manufacturers Create Jobs
  • Energy Not Dependent On Hostile Parts Of The World

If we move out of the House chambers and consider how the policies that Progressives champion it is clear that Obama needs to regulate his people rather than cheerlead.

Who more than those in his caucus educate public school children?     It is important that no one be lulled into standing at our present point and only look forward.   This same "vision" of a better education for American children has been given in every decade.   It is more disarming than it is definitive.

Ironically the same disarmament is the spirit that allows the local adults who play the main role in the education of the children in their community off of the hook.  Instead of understanding what they NEED TO DO they are told that this is a POLITICAL STRUGGLE and that there is someone who stands in their way.

High tech jobs are laudable.  Yet the punitive rhetoric and indictments are counter to them being attracted to this county or for those who are here to retain their manufacturing operations in the country.   Boeing attempted to establish a second plant for their 787 Dreamliner production in the "right to work state" of South Carolina.  The Obama Administration showed that their dream of "high tech jobs" has an amount of stings attached that can strangle such growth.   Not until the labor unions from Boeing told the NLRB to let go of Boeing's neck did they agree to drop their regulatory action against Boeing.  

The Solyndra Solar scandal shows that "high tech green jobs" can also be a gateway for crony capitalism.

I watched a few weeks ago as the tensions with Iran were ratcheted up as Iran made threats in the Persian Gulf.   At that time various Obama syncophants were heard warning about dependency on foreign oil.  
Fast forward a few weeks and the ruling of the Keystone Pipeline we saw them cheering.    Oh yeah - Canada is indeed a "foreign nation" but it is not a hostile one.  The stores in Canada are full of American products, as if you were standing in an America city - but for some areas that have French labels next to the English.   Those who operate as if they were "Domestic Oil Production Planners In Nigeria" believe that their dream of a "green energy future" can be found by choking of domestic PRODUCTION of carbon fuels, their bigotry unable to show them that as the DEMAND remains high and the production is choked off the HIGH PRICES that "the least of these" will suffer is the racketeering and "ideological price gouging" that needs to be regulated by Obama.      Their ability to transfer their flawed theories upon some other force is how these theories are allowed to metastasize.

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