Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dangling Participle That The "Pragmatic ObamaBOT Will Never Rebut The President With"

From "Jack And Jill Politics" - as they "look forward into the future with Obama" but can't bring themselves to see that in various "Mission Accomplished Zones" around the nation - some Progressive in the past promised to do the very same thing for their benefit.  From these promises they compelled the investments that swept them into power and grew the Progressive base in various offices as a result of the refraction of attention among the rank & file from the development of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within their domain of control to the struggle ahead of them:

In one speech you can hear me:
  • Blame the predecessor for handing out federal bailout money to corporate interests
  • Me take credit for saving corporations with bailouts
  • Me taking credit for saving America from a Great Depression II
  • Me promising to never to raid the treasury again for the benefit of corporate fat cats
  • Me saying that the transition to "Green Energy" requires smart investments from the federal treasury to "Win The Future"
  • Me promising to bailout "the least of these" as they qualify for "Social Justice Transfer Payments"

ME is not President Obama
ME is his base of loyal supporters.

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