Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MSNBC Analyzes Obama's "Lets Talk First Strategy" Says Nothing About Libya

Has Obama’s ‘let’s talk’ approach worked with US adversaries? A report card...

I get it - Libya is not on "America's Top Enemy" list - a veritable politically correct "Axis Of Evil" list except conjured this time by rather than the President.

  • Iran
  • Syria
  • North Korea 
  • Venezuela
  • Burma
It is almost like cherry picked the list because they were attempting to skew the grade.

How is it that Syria and Burma made it BUT Libya - where American bombs actually were dropped did not appear in the article?  

There has been recent chatter about the "fraud" in indicting an author for what they failed to mention.  The more accurate analysis is that it is legitimate to build a real world reference model about the issue that the author is discussing and then noting how whatever force that binds them prevents them from constructing a legitimate model.  

Not only did Obama not "Talk To Libya" he "Talked To Americans", telling us that the International Coup in Libya was a "Humanitarian Mission".

I guess we can't mention the drones in Pakistan.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Can The Sri Lankis Expect The American Left To Support Their Protests Against American Bombings When They Use These RACIST Pictures Of Obama?

Protests Around The World Against The US Military Bombing of Pakistan.

(Note - this picture appears in the Dec 27th edition of "The Final Call")

This picture is just not acceptable.
I mean, these protesters, while understandably outraged over the news that US military fighter plane/drones have bombed Pakistan, killing their people - are they really justified in using this RACIST picture of Obama eating chicken?

They have lost all credibility - at least with me.

President Bush bombed them as well.  All they ever did was to "burn Bush in effigy".   Why the RACIST attack on Obama when he kills people?

I suggest that if the aggrieved people around the world want to protest against American Imperialist Power - just as was detailed in "The Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man" - they need to avoid using RACIST references if they seek to get more American leftists to "occupy" the streets along with them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama: "I Don't Over-Promise. I Let My Pragmatic Obama Bots Do My Marketing To The Progressive Masses For Me"


With a loyal base who is watching the interview attentively, looking for talking points from their "grand poobah" that they can use as they remain on message - it stands to reason that President Obama had no problem dropping his statements from 3 years ago that a failure to turn around the economy are grounds for him to be sent home packing.

All that the sitting President Of The United States needed to do is to blame the opposition for destroying the economy, talk about "Growing Income Inequality" and this would be sufficient enough to have these mass of supporters to agree, without noting that the "Mission Accomplished Cities" that they dominate with their public policy have also shown no sign of a strong recovery.

The conscious memory of all factions of the American electorate is sparsely populated.  Both of the main sides lie to themselves as a necessary means of promoting their party into high places.  Lost in this is the necessary "self respect".  This respect which is necessary to prevent a person from "losing THEMSELVES" as a necessary first step in standing with their team.

Obama is a politician.  The purpose of this blog is to go beyond a focus upon Obama and to retain focus upon the masses of people who respond to him as a force, altering their consciousness in a manner akin to standing too close to a microwave oven.

Obama realizes that those who his campaign sold "Hope and Change" to some years ago and who he saw partying in Grant Park are not inclined to do an inventory of what they ordered and what showed up on their doorsteps.   His job in campaign 2012 is to get the masses unified at the "line of scrimmage" and in fighting shape.   As such they will be compelled to remain silent about the "parcel at their door" that is less heavy than they expected.  To focus upon these grievances from the past campaign might ruin his THEIR chances in the upcoming campaign.

The popular adoption of "Income Inequality" provides the progressives with face-saving means of looking past the fact that their previous local takeover has failed to deliver the promised economic, academic and social justice advances that were promised during the run up to the takeover.

With a firm understanding that the base would rather "fight" than demand "self-accountability" the task of the Obama 2012 campaign is merely to compel the sitting President to have an "out of body experience" and pretend that his only hand played in the present condition was 3 years of fighting on their behalf.  The enemy is the one who stopped him.

Loathed are the Pragmatic Obama Bots to do interpolation of the local "Mission Accomplished Zones" where their ideology and party has won but the people have lost greatly.  It is the "Struggle Motion", the activities that produce unity and purpose that matters more to the Progressive-Fundamentalist than does his ability to manage the human resources toward an effective end.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Obama - Achieving PNAC Ends By Dropping The Right-Wing Militaristic Pose

The best way to inspect the antics of the "Machine Progressives" is to make note of the positions of the "Unattached Progressives" who are more willing to call out the US government AND the Commander In Chief that is advancing the policies that they protested against previously.
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France Gives Somali Pirates The Justice That Other Pirates Where Not Afforded But Drew Cheers Instead Of Protests

2009: ABC: - Navy SEALs' Simultaneous Headshots on Somali Pirates Were Procedure

The video below shows the Somali pirates who were convicted in French court and were alive to apologize to their victims before being sent off to jail.

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The desire to receive an autographed "head shot" from Obama motivates the Pragmatic Obama Bots from noting that their care about "due process" is merely a function of who they might have to indict to demand it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Confessions Of A CIA Predator Drone Pilot

Downed CIA Drone In Iran Likely Part Of CIA's Operations

Indeed things have CHANGED.
In the years that I have been watching "Democracy Now" the name of the American "CIA" was accompanied with sufficient indictment of the scheme by the right-wing American government in power at the time to wreak havoc in Haiti, South America or some unfortunate nation in Africa or the Middle East.

Today, while I credit "Democracy Now" for reporting consistently on such matters - there appears to be little appetite among the forces that typically "occupy the streets" in protest of American imperialist intervention to take what Amy Goodwin is likely to report on about this latest find, using it as an indictment against the right-wing scoundrels who have no respect for democracy or sovereign rule.

The new moniker appears to be:
"Dropping The Bellicose Right Wing Imperialist Public Pose Will Still Advancing The Ends Detailed In The Project For A New American Century While Not Triggering Sufficient Anti-War Protests"