Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obama: "I Don't Over-Promise. I Let My Pragmatic Obama Bots Do My Marketing To The Progressive Masses For Me"


With a loyal base who is watching the interview attentively, looking for talking points from their "grand poobah" that they can use as they remain on message - it stands to reason that President Obama had no problem dropping his statements from 3 years ago that a failure to turn around the economy are grounds for him to be sent home packing.

All that the sitting President Of The United States needed to do is to blame the opposition for destroying the economy, talk about "Growing Income Inequality" and this would be sufficient enough to have these mass of supporters to agree, without noting that the "Mission Accomplished Cities" that they dominate with their public policy have also shown no sign of a strong recovery.

The conscious memory of all factions of the American electorate is sparsely populated.  Both of the main sides lie to themselves as a necessary means of promoting their party into high places.  Lost in this is the necessary "self respect".  This respect which is necessary to prevent a person from "losing THEMSELVES" as a necessary first step in standing with their team.

Obama is a politician.  The purpose of this blog is to go beyond a focus upon Obama and to retain focus upon the masses of people who respond to him as a force, altering their consciousness in a manner akin to standing too close to a microwave oven.

Obama realizes that those who his campaign sold "Hope and Change" to some years ago and who he saw partying in Grant Park are not inclined to do an inventory of what they ordered and what showed up on their doorsteps.   His job in campaign 2012 is to get the masses unified at the "line of scrimmage" and in fighting shape.   As such they will be compelled to remain silent about the "parcel at their door" that is less heavy than they expected.  To focus upon these grievances from the past campaign might ruin his THEIR chances in the upcoming campaign.

The popular adoption of "Income Inequality" provides the progressives with face-saving means of looking past the fact that their previous local takeover has failed to deliver the promised economic, academic and social justice advances that were promised during the run up to the takeover.

With a firm understanding that the base would rather "fight" than demand "self-accountability" the task of the Obama 2012 campaign is merely to compel the sitting President to have an "out of body experience" and pretend that his only hand played in the present condition was 3 years of fighting on their behalf.  The enemy is the one who stopped him.

Loathed are the Pragmatic Obama Bots to do interpolation of the local "Mission Accomplished Zones" where their ideology and party has won but the people have lost greatly.  It is the "Struggle Motion", the activities that produce unity and purpose that matters more to the Progressive-Fundamentalist than does his ability to manage the human resources toward an effective end.

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