Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Can The Sri Lankis Expect The American Left To Support Their Protests Against American Bombings When They Use These RACIST Pictures Of Obama?

Protests Around The World Against The US Military Bombing of Pakistan.

(Note - this picture appears in the Dec 27th edition of "The Final Call")

This picture is just not acceptable.
I mean, these protesters, while understandably outraged over the news that US military fighter plane/drones have bombed Pakistan, killing their people - are they really justified in using this RACIST picture of Obama eating chicken?

They have lost all credibility - at least with me.

President Bush bombed them as well.  All they ever did was to "burn Bush in effigy".   Why the RACIST attack on Obama when he kills people?

I suggest that if the aggrieved people around the world want to protest against American Imperialist Power - just as was detailed in "The Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man" - they need to avoid using RACIST references if they seek to get more American leftists to "occupy" the streets along with them.

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