Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Confessions Of A CIA Predator Drone Pilot

Downed CIA Drone In Iran Likely Part Of CIA's Operations

Indeed things have CHANGED.
In the years that I have been watching "Democracy Now" the name of the American "CIA" was accompanied with sufficient indictment of the scheme by the right-wing American government in power at the time to wreak havoc in Haiti, South America or some unfortunate nation in Africa or the Middle East.

Today, while I credit "Democracy Now" for reporting consistently on such matters - there appears to be little appetite among the forces that typically "occupy the streets" in protest of American imperialist intervention to take what Amy Goodwin is likely to report on about this latest find, using it as an indictment against the right-wing scoundrels who have no respect for democracy or sovereign rule.

The new moniker appears to be:
"Dropping The Bellicose Right Wing Imperialist Public Pose Will Still Advancing The Ends Detailed In The Project For A New American Century While Not Triggering Sufficient Anti-War Protests"

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