Monday, November 21, 2011

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Breaks With His Network's Talking Points - Demands Clarity On Obama's Second Term

I give tentative credit to MSNBC's Chris Matthews.
The qualification for my limited recognition of what he did IS NOT because he expressed unconditional criticism of Obama - he should have been doing this all along.   Instead his network is just as guilty of being an extension of the Democratic Party as they accuse Fox News as being hacks for the GOP.

Credit is due to Matthews because, for the first time in Obama's term he has expressed HIS VISION of the country in a manner that is separate and distinct from Obama's vision.  In as much as he is not hearing what Obama is communicating in this area - this "constructive feedback" was necessary to provide to the Obama campaign and administration a front channel warning that he is not merely in the fight on behalf of Obama for the "fight alone".

The real test of this new found consciousness in Chris Matthews will come if he shows that he is able to become the objective journalist that Larry Elder (himself not an objective journalist) challenged him to become. 

We already know that Chris Matthews and the entire MSNBC establishment desire to do what they need to do to ensure a successful reelection for President Obama.  In the midst of their nightly roasts of their Conservative enemies, however we have:

  • Three Years And Counting Of + $1.2 Trillion Budget Shortfalls
  • An International Coup In Libya That They Went Along In Marketing It As A "Humanitarian Mission"
  • A Violation Of THEIR STANDARD Of "Due Process" As The US Military Identified "Terror Suspects" And Blew Them Up With Unmanned Drones
  • School Reform Placed On The Backburner After The Progressive-Fundamentalists Successfully Derailed "No Child Left Behind"
  • The Inability To Link The Present Economic Collapse Of Several "Mission Accomplished Cities" With The Decades Of Growth In Their Ideological Control Over Them - Instead Of Demanding Evidence Of "Growth" From The Local People They Invested In After Being Convinced That They Are Traveling The Right Path - The Occupiers Instead Choose To Nationalize Their Indictment
Chris Matthews indicted "White voters" as having a tinge of RACISM for allowing their support for Obama to fall below 40%.   This same man is not intellectually curious enough to investigate why Black voter support remains at 91% in a recent poll despite the pain suffered.

The bottom line of all of this is - when your own vision is made subordinate to the "Political Team" that you are a part of then you also must accept that when people SEE who you are and learn that you will work for the team more than pursuing your own interests - it is YOU who have compromised yourself and you deserve to be perpetually shorted.

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