Thursday, November 17, 2011

As Obama Expands US Military Presence In Australia And Africa The "Pragmatic Obamabots" Drop Their "Radical Anti-War Pose" For Complicity In Imperialism In Deference To Obama

The Obama Presidential Term Of 2009-2013 will one day be viewed by historians as the time period where Progressives were seen yielding many of what most thought were their "core values".

We must understand the mechanics of what is going on.
On my sister blog "Within The Black Community" I document how Black, otherwise Progressive individuals are made to remain strangely silent as the US government does things domestically and the "American Military War Machine" does other things internationally that would have otherwise had them taking to the streets.   With the US military having bombed an African nation while participating in a coup against a sovereign nation it is unthinkable that any other US President could have gotten away with such an action except for a scant amount of protests from certain diehards.

Please note - as part of my longitudinal study on "What makes the Black Progressive Political Discourse Tick" I attended an "Anti-Libya War" presentation.  At the end of this program in which they noted that Ronald Reagan had lead the original desecration of Libya by dropping a bomb in Gaddahfi's living room, killing one of his daughters - they noted that Obama had blown the entire house up, killing his son and other relatives.

Alas, however, at the end of the program - there was consensus among the crowd of speakers that they are STILL going to vote for Obama in 2012 over any Republican alternative.

Though Obama is acting like a Republican Imperialist - they agreed that he was better than having a "Complete Ideological Adversary" in office.

The root of their compromised state then is that they, unlike Martin Luther King Jr who they praise for his integrity - value "DOMESTIC SOCIAL JUSTICE" over being true to their calling on the international scene.

Thus - GREATER than their core interests in retaining their integrity to "Progressivism" is their defense against the Conservative adversary.   Specifically - Black people can be compelled prioritize just about anything IF the situation is framed as a "Racial Threat".  Regardless of the results had by the "favorable machine in power" (see Detroit) the Embedded Confidence Man Messaging Machine will convince the masses that things would be even worse if the enemy was in power.  Not only would their Permanent Interests be shattered - they would also experience the grief of seeing the ideological enemy in power.

The Same Model, Expanded To All Progressives Nationally

Journalist George S Schuyler noted that there is no "Black Progressive Movement" in the 1940s Harlem, there is ONLY a "Progressive Movement".  That Blacks had no specific and custom outcomes that they sought that could be distinguished from their White counterparts.

I agree with Schuyler.

Logic holds then that the same behavior that is noted among "Black Progressive-Fundamentalists" can also be noted among Progressives of any race in America when it comes to Obama and his military expansion.

Even though "Tax The Rich" and "Scale Down The US Military, Bringing Our Imperialist Troops Home" were two key platforms for progressives in their deficit reduction plan - with Obama as the Commander In Chief it is far easier for them to stand behind him and help him fight for "Tax Increases On The 1%" than they  are able to stand strongly opposed to Obama for his latest military expansion efforts both in Australia and Eastern Africa.  (We should also include the expansion of the CIA in East Africa as the unarmed Drones over Ethiopia belong to the CIA.  The key difference between the CIA drones and the US Military Drones is that the mod kit to add weapons have not been applied - as of yet).

While many progressive find mental solace in the notion that there is a "hidden hand" force that forces the hand of Obama, compelling him to do things that are "not in his progressive nature" - the truth is that these forces, if they exist - should be watching how much easier it is for them to carry out imperialist operations when there is a "Favorable Commander In Chief" that the Anti-War Left is not going to run a propaganda campaign against.
The Good Ole Days When The Anti-War Left Were Free To Be Themselves

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