Sunday, October 9, 2011

Obama Administration's "Death Panel" Against American Citizens Turned Terrorist Falls Through The Cracks Of The Left-Wing Extra-Constitutional Actions Watch

Obama Administration debated the issue of killing an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, and then penned a memo justifying their actions.

With the operation successfully carried out, after the dust has settled at the location where the bomb dropped - it appears that there is little interest for this issue among the left-wing sources that chomped at the bit over Bush era "Torture Memos".


Credit the news gathering element of the NY Times and Washington Post for enumerating the facts about the targeting and killing of an American citizen who was working for Al Queda.  
The best way to understand the entire situation with these two news operations is that this news, while posted, has not been grasped by the opinion arms of their papers.

They have no interest in using these points to bludgeon the Obama Administration, thus giving his right-wing adversaries some ammo.   Instead the larger progressive opinion swam has been more inclined to put aside their moral indignation and instead point out how THE RIGHT, despite Obama doing all that they favor - still  does not accept his legitimacy.

In the wake of this disingenuous argument they can't bring themselves to note how much THEY have abandoned their own "Permanent Interests" against American Militarianism and abuses by the American CIA in doing "Extra-Judicial Killings" for no other reason than OBAMA is the Commander In Chief that approved the operation.

I told you that the guest in the video on the James Zogby Show perfectly captured the consciousness of the "Pragmantic Obama Bot/ JingOists".   They can't bring themselves to see that the best way that "the right wing" to achieve their militarist agenda is to silence the left by placing a favorable progressive President into power that they don't wish to topple.

They are a MOLESTATION of the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr disposition who prioritized his demand for "International Justice" over "Domestic Social Justice Programs".

●The drone program has killed more than 2,000 militants and civilians since 2001, a staggering figure for an agency that has a long history of supporting proxy forces in bloody conflicts but rarely pulled the trigger on its own.
●The CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, which had 300 employees on the day of the attacks, now exceeds al-Qaeda’s core membership around the globe. With about 2,000 on its staff, the CTC accounts for 10 percent of the agency’s workforce, has designated officers in almost every significant overseas post and controls the CIA’s expanding fleet of drones.

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