Friday, October 7, 2011

The "Most Threatened American President In History" Has More Security Protection And Is More Secure Than Most Of The People Who Claim That RACISM Is The Reason For The Threats

Even though the head of the Secret Service - the man who assigns the favorite Secret Service Agents that the Obama family has taken a liking to has denied that President Obama has any greater level of threat than other presidents during his Congressional testimony these claims are still reported by Racism Chasers as they talk among themselves.

A key part of their justification to defend Obama at all costs and regardless of their own present standing economically, academically and security-wise is that "Obama is under attack from his enemies and they are driven by RACISM(!!)".    This allows these masses to of JingOists to stack rank the importance of "self-preservation" above their un-admitted disappointment of having a large gap between the expectations that were hyped up and the reality that transpired after the fact.

They prefer to invest their mental and emotional resources into Obama's protection when the Secret Service is far more competent and capable of doing so.

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