Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Lost Solyandra Half A Billion - Clouded Vision Due To Ideological Bigotry

President Obama came out in strong defense of the billions in loan guarantees made by his administration to solar panel manufacturer Solyndra because it was important for the nation to retain competitiveness against the Chinese.  Since their government is backing businesses in this market segment it was important that the USA do the same.

Despite the fact that there were ample warnings of the shaky finances for the firm and their miscalculation that higher priced high capacity cells would trump the lower cost models - the operatives within the Obama Administration pushed forward with the loan.  As news of politically connected lobbyists are discovered we see how things have change "After Obama".

There are news reports upon the administration - just as all others.   
Then there is a drum beat of opposition forces that are intent upon taking these news reports and using them to take out the administration.  Their antics are then REPORTED UPON as news and, over time, the snowball effect of negative criticism takes place against a President.

The left are the traditional muckrakers when it comes to exposing crony capitalism run by well connected insiders.   In this case the cross between "Green Energy" and "Crony Capitalism" has them remaining silence because they like this President and they like "Green Energy".   They have chosen to not use this incident as proof that one's ideology can blind their fiduciary responsibilities in guarding the Treasury.  

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