Monday, October 3, 2011

I've Got His Back

Sadly a significant number of people who are moved by the "coolness" of this graphic are also prone to:

  • Put aside any TRANSPARENT enumeration of the value of the "Hope & Change" that sufficiently motivated them to make an investment of their ballots and their "development hopes"
  • And have the majority of their future investments based upon the consequences of allowing his enemies to return to power
  • With the pattern established of yielding the enforcement of their "return on investments" - this sets up the "national struggle" which has them looking past their "mission accomplished" local institutions where they are all alone by themselves and instead focus upon the battle against their enemy over the resource pool that the national government can build up via debt and taxation
  • They will never define themselves with the competence of leveraging their local institutions to build up the desired standard of living on the backs of their people who have matriculated through the institutions. 

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