Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black American Corporate Capitalist Scheme Upon Gaddahfi's Corpose

Now that Gaddafi has been murdered, the International coup complete.............lets make sure that we get some of the commerce in Libya before the Europeans, Russians and Koreans take it all.

Thank you Obama for providing the firepower that opened up this strategic market in Africa.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Secretary Of State Clinton - "Gaddahfi's Killer Should Be Held Accountable"

The Age Of "More Agreeable" American Rendition Has Arrived - Thanks To A "Change We Can Believe In" In The Role Of Commander In Chief

17,000 Bombing Sorties By NATO Upon The Sovereign African Nation Of Libya

After the dust cleared from the 17,001st bombing mission disabled the convoy that toppled former leader Gaddahfi was riding in, the rebels saw him running toward a storm drain, dragged him out and then shot him.

Gaddahfi was heard pleading to be Water Boarded rather than the new mode of rendition adopted by the United States.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I Told You I Was Gonna 'Get That Ass' And I Didn't Even Have To Put Boots On African Soil To Do It"

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - The Threat From The Free Standing Consciousness Of The Progressive-Fundamentalists Has Been NEUTRALIZED By Obama

Commander In Chief Obama - The More Efficient Imperialist as proclaimed by the Pragmatic Obama Bots

Until their conservative Republican enemies bow down and acknowledge Obama's EQUAL ability to leverage American Military Might against nation's of color around the world - these JingOists will continue their battle for respect against their enemy using other nations as the flora and fauna in their quest.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Obama Administration's "Death Panel" Against American Citizens Turned Terrorist Falls Through The Cracks Of The Left-Wing Extra-Constitutional Actions Watch

Obama Administration debated the issue of killing an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, and then penned a memo justifying their actions.

With the operation successfully carried out, after the dust has settled at the location where the bomb dropped - it appears that there is little interest for this issue among the left-wing sources that chomped at the bit over Bush era "Torture Memos".


Credit the news gathering element of the NY Times and Washington Post for enumerating the facts about the targeting and killing of an American citizen who was working for Al Queda.  
The best way to understand the entire situation with these two news operations is that this news, while posted, has not been grasped by the opinion arms of their papers.

They have no interest in using these points to bludgeon the Obama Administration, thus giving his right-wing adversaries some ammo.   Instead the larger progressive opinion swam has been more inclined to put aside their moral indignation and instead point out how THE RIGHT, despite Obama doing all that they favor - still  does not accept his legitimacy.

In the wake of this disingenuous argument they can't bring themselves to note how much THEY have abandoned their own "Permanent Interests" against American Militarianism and abuses by the American CIA in doing "Extra-Judicial Killings" for no other reason than OBAMA is the Commander In Chief that approved the operation.

I told you that the guest in the video on the James Zogby Show perfectly captured the consciousness of the "Pragmantic Obama Bot/ JingOists".   They can't bring themselves to see that the best way that "the right wing" to achieve their militarist agenda is to silence the left by placing a favorable progressive President into power that they don't wish to topple.

They are a MOLESTATION of the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr disposition who prioritized his demand for "International Justice" over "Domestic Social Justice Programs".

●The drone program has killed more than 2,000 militants and civilians since 2001, a staggering figure for an agency that has a long history of supporting proxy forces in bloody conflicts but rarely pulled the trigger on its own.
●The CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, which had 300 employees on the day of the attacks, now exceeds al-Qaeda’s core membership around the globe. With about 2,000 on its staff, the CTC accounts for 10 percent of the agency’s workforce, has designated officers in almost every significant overseas post and controls the CIA’s expanding fleet of drones.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Lost Solyandra Half A Billion - Clouded Vision Due To Ideological Bigotry

President Obama came out in strong defense of the billions in loan guarantees made by his administration to solar panel manufacturer Solyndra because it was important for the nation to retain competitiveness against the Chinese.  Since their government is backing businesses in this market segment it was important that the USA do the same.

Despite the fact that there were ample warnings of the shaky finances for the firm and their miscalculation that higher priced high capacity cells would trump the lower cost models - the operatives within the Obama Administration pushed forward with the loan.  As news of politically connected lobbyists are discovered we see how things have change "After Obama".

There are news reports upon the administration - just as all others.   
Then there is a drum beat of opposition forces that are intent upon taking these news reports and using them to take out the administration.  Their antics are then REPORTED UPON as news and, over time, the snowball effect of negative criticism takes place against a President.

The left are the traditional muckrakers when it comes to exposing crony capitalism run by well connected insiders.   In this case the cross between "Green Energy" and "Crony Capitalism" has them remaining silence because they like this President and they like "Green Energy".   They have chosen to not use this incident as proof that one's ideology can blind their fiduciary responsibilities in guarding the Treasury.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Due Process For "American Terrorists" In The Age Of Obama - "It Sux Being You"

To be clear - The ACLU should be credited for its consistency on the matter.  They have been calling out their views of illegal procedures as it relates to how "terror suspects" are handled by the US government.  Those of which are American citizens in particular.

The point that we must understand is that they big difference between then and now is with the news media and the array of left-wing interest groups.  Previously they sought to take down an unfavorable president.  Thus they took the news feed from the ACLU and used it for their indictments and protests.

Today their goal is to protect a favorable president so, even though the ACLU is putting out news feeds the forces of amplification have disconnected the RCA cable from their amplifier.

Samir Khan was an American citizen who departed the United States in order to work as a media operative for Al Queda.

Khan was killed by a American CIA drone strike in Yemen as another American citizen - Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki.  This is not a debate on the JUSTIFICATION of this air strike in the larger "War On Terror".

This post is a documentation of the differences in the "care and handling" in the calls for "Due Process" from the usual suspects.

Relatives of Samir Khan, the former Long Island man killed last week in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen, broke their silence this week to question the government's tactics in pursuing American citizens who were deemed terrorists.
Khan, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Saudi Arabia, was killed alongside American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
Khan, 25, published Inspire, an online magazine encouraging terror acts, but relatives who live in Charlotte, N.C., asked why the killings took place without trials.
A statement from Zafar and Sarah Khan said, "Our late son Samir Khan never broke any law and was never implicated of any crime. . . . Why couldn't there have been a capture and trial? Where is the justice?"
The statement went on to cite the U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment due-process clause, which says no person should be deprived of life without due process, "yet our government assassinated two of its citizens."
Jibril Hough, a family spokesman affiliated with the Islamic Center of Charlotte, said Khan's relatives, who are citizens, felt it necessary to speak out as Americans.
"They know this is a broader discussion that America needs to take up," he said.
But David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University, in Durham, N.C., said al-Awlaki and Khan had turned themselves into enemies of the state.
"If you join an armed foreign force that is in conflict with the U.S., you have become a legitimate target," Schanzer said.
President Barack Obama said the strike that killed al-Awlaki and Khan was "a major blow to al-Qaida's most active operational affiliate" and gave no signs of stepping back such operations. "We will be determined, we will be deliberate, we will be relentless, we will be resolute in our commitment to destroy terrorist networks that aim to kill Americans."
Hough said the American Civil Liberties Union has been in touch with the Khans.
ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer criticized the killings: "The government's authority to use lethal force against its own citizens should be limited to circumstances in which the threat to life is concrete, specific and imminent."

I have to credit President Obama for learning the hand that he was dealt and adeptly using it.   On the one hand he has the advantage of hindsight to understand the mistakes made by the Bush Administration on the subject of handling of terror suspects and the progressive flash back it triggered.   Secondly Obama is keenly aware that his left-wing base is loathed to stand against him and he is able to cross a line that is further beyond where Bush could have gone with reference to the Left.

By killing terror suspects Obama has destroyed the being that the ACLU and others can claim 'habeas corpus" over.  The suspect's body has been blown to bits and thus there is no body that they can demand due process for any longer.   It effectively "cuts to the chase" and closes the debate.   Where as Bush had - a prison and several human beings alive who can give testimony to the ACLU lawyers - under Obama the ACLU only has body fragments and their words are inadmissible in court.

In an ironic turn of events the JingOists use Obama's boldness to note that his right wing critics don't give him CREDIT for being strong.   In their own dishonesty they move from the debate over justifications and/or due process and instead render an indictment against their enemies charging them with "moving the goal posts" in their willingness to accept Obama.

In their own bigoted blindness they can't see that now BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT ARE IN AGREEMENT OVER KILLING TERRORISTS.   Ironically Obama brought the left MORE RIGHTWARD!!!!!!

This is what happens when you have "Permanent Friends" rather than "Permanent Interests".  You begin to "take one for the team" but that ONE becomes a total compromise as the transactions continue to flow.

We are not at the point of attempting to figure out "What Can Obama DO Before The Left Will Rise Up Against Him?"

The "Most Threatened American President In History" Has More Security Protection And Is More Secure Than Most Of The People Who Claim That RACISM Is The Reason For The Threats

Even though the head of the Secret Service - the man who assigns the favorite Secret Service Agents that the Obama family has taken a liking to has denied that President Obama has any greater level of threat than other presidents during his Congressional testimony these claims are still reported by Racism Chasers as they talk among themselves.

A key part of their justification to defend Obama at all costs and regardless of their own present standing economically, academically and security-wise is that "Obama is under attack from his enemies and they are driven by RACISM(!!)".    This allows these masses to of JingOists to stack rank the importance of "self-preservation" above their un-admitted disappointment of having a large gap between the expectations that were hyped up and the reality that transpired after the fact.

They prefer to invest their mental and emotional resources into Obama's protection when the Secret Service is far more competent and capable of doing so.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Obama Says "Americans Are Not Better Off Today Than 4 Years Ago" Because He Knows His Supporters Who Are Suffering Aren't Coming After Him

President Obama: America 'Not Better Off' Today than Four Years Ago

You can read the details for yourself at the above link.

One thing is for sure - When you hear a politician being brutally honest about the eroded conditions on his watch rather than heard spinning and cherry picking points that are favorable to him, you should understand that this is a politician that is very confident that his base of supporters are not going to come after him with their pitchforks.    Instead they are hearing words of empathy for their plight.

They merely need to "support him harder" - poking their common enemy with the pitchfork.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

I've Got His Back

Sadly a significant number of people who are moved by the "coolness" of this graphic are also prone to:

  • Put aside any TRANSPARENT enumeration of the value of the "Hope & Change" that sufficiently motivated them to make an investment of their ballots and their "development hopes"
  • And have the majority of their future investments based upon the consequences of allowing his enemies to return to power
  • With the pattern established of yielding the enforcement of their "return on investments" - this sets up the "national struggle" which has them looking past their "mission accomplished" local institutions where they are all alone by themselves and instead focus upon the battle against their enemy over the resource pool that the national government can build up via debt and taxation
  • They will never define themselves with the competence of leveraging their local institutions to build up the desired standard of living on the backs of their people who have matriculated through the institutions.