Sunday, September 11, 2011

As Racism In America Increases........Democrats Openly Fret About Obama's Chances In 2012

Democrats fret aloud over Obama re-election chances

As I monitor various news sources - I find it amazing the number of people who posit their opinion that:

  • The US House is against the President because he is Black
  • The US Senate - including the Democrats - are against the President because he is Black
  • The Corporations are holding $2T and not hiring people - because the President is Black

I then step back and accept that the reason why so many of these people know that RACIAL BIGOTRY is behind all that the President because it takes a RACIAL BIGOT - who's high rates of support are seen at a time when so many Black Vital Statics are so low - to look past these Permanent Interests and instead focus on the race of the President. 

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