Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As A JingOist If They Believe That Obama's Jobs Program Is Wrong Because It Is "Off The Books Spending" Like The Iraq/Afghanistan War

Consistency in one's stances across various domains that challenge it is proof of integrity. For far too many people this is an impossible measure for them to live up to. Since most of their stances are rendered in INDICTMENTS - they count on the fact that their fellow travelers will never point out their inconsitency. For years we have heard the Progressive-Fundamentalist Left argue that the "Supplimental Spending Authorizations" used to fund the war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through the Bush Administration were wrong because this spended was non-budgeted. Even though this argument makes no sense since CONGRESS must approve every penny spent by the executive branch - it is merely a nitpicking argument. The money still ends up in the American debt tally. Fast forward to today. In addition to a $768 billion stimulus package from a few years ago, their darling, President Obama now proposes a $447 billion "Jobs Program". I know this because I have seen the new Democratic National Committee commercials that are pressing Americans to demand support for this bill running on television no less than 4 times since last night. I don't know a lot of things but one thing I do know is that we are NOT going to hear these same critics of "off budget spending" stand against this latest spending proposal by Obama. They are merely hoping that no one notices that it too did not go through the standard budgeting process. Besides - Media Matters or Huffington Post won't be making the indictment and thus the JingOists won't have it on their dashboard of talking points.

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