Friday, August 5, 2011


A Comment From The question - "Is President Obama An Effective Politician"

From poster Alicook:

I remember when President George W. Bush was in office and failing miserably on what appeared to be all fronts. He would calmly rest on the belief that history would be on his side years down the road. I think that this statement does not apply to George W. Bush but it will for President Barack Obama. If you look at the record, Obama has been able to accomplish things that have been beneficial to those on the left, the right and in the middle. I sense that people are genuinely frustrated with President Obama's temperament. He is calculating, thoughtful and willing to compromise. In my opinion that is what leadership is all about. I also think that he has been hamstrung by jealous politicians, like Senator Mitch McConnell, who would love to see him be a one term president. President Obama has navigated these waters with grace, class and thoughtfulness. This current political dilemma reminds me of one the wise Biblical figure of Solomon faced with two women claiming to be the mother of the baby brought before him. The women demanded that he act swiftly and make a definitive ruling as to who should have custody. However, his answer was shocking and seemed unwise and unethical, divide it into equal parts. President Obama has had to deal with politicians, who like the fake mother claim most virulently to know what is in the country's best interest even if that means our nation's demise. They have an attitude of "if i can't have one can."

President Obama has had to be patient and delicate in letting people play their political cards, allowing them to reveal their true intentions. The real fear opponents of President Obama have is what are the cards he is saving for his next term in office, immigration reform perhaps? Politics is an ugly spectacle for most because the true intentions and motives of people are rarely discussed honestly. I continue to believe that President Obama has the best interest of our entire nation in mind and that may be what scares people so much! I also believe that in 2012 he will have ample opportunities to reiterate his positions and bring to light the tactics and motivations of those who sought to stand in the way of our nation's progress. I won't miss him because I don't believe he is going anywhere and I'm looking forward to his second term in office! The righteous are typically the ones willing to compromise and let go of the political baby!

For Mr Cook he does not require the use of statics and measures to apprise the actual effectiveness of President Obama.    There is little doubt that the war-making in Libya based on false pretenses of "Humanitarian Aide" won't ever appear on Mr Cook's radar.

When I read the logic of a person like Cook I am less troubled with what he believes than I am what he might ALLOW TO BE DONE by Obama - all because Cook believes that "Obama is working in the best interests of the nation" and those of us who are on the look out merely have ill-intent for Obama.

Sadly after 2 terms in office and a Constitutional prohibition on power - Cook will seek out another Progressive leaders to latch onto.  The RESULTS don't matter.  Only the intentions.

Those who fold their persona upon a politician or an organization scare me the most.   Don't expect any independent thought from them - even when the 'constructive feedback' of the real world data is telling them to "Pull Up!! Mountain ahead".

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