Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama's Jobs And Rick Perry's Jobs

What does a jingOist do when he needs to promote Commander In Chief Obama's accomplishments in stopping Bush's 700,000 jobs per months lost while attacking Republican theatener Rick Perry of Texas?

Answer: Discredit the 40% of the nation's job growth which came from Texas as "McJobs" and just don't reconcile this degradation with what this says about Obama's touting of months of positive job growth.

Its just that simple.

This is the pattern of the progressive left.

If you notice when we have a conservative president the swam of progressives start to QUALIFY jobs. When a favorable president is in power, however, they focus on his having come through for people in need of jobs.

 How hard would I have to search to find such analysis of Obama's job growth numbers on these progressive-fundamentalist web sites?

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