Monday, August 1, 2011

Is It Possible That The Progressives See Obama As Malleable As Does The Tea Party?

With the agreement among the leadership in Congress on the debt deal I have heard many Progressive-Fundamentalist media commentators question the fortitude of Commander In Chief Obama as it relates to his ability to stand up to the Republicans (from their perspective) and defend the interests of the core constituencies within the Democratic Party - the "Vulnerable Masses".

Do The Progressives See A Perceived Weakness In Commander In Chief Obama That They Are Exploiting For Their Own Purposes?

My initial assessment from 3 years ago was that then candidate Senator Obama was a worthy vessel for Progressives to move their agenda forward with.  I vessel which they could load up and then clear the path for - if you will.

It is clear that "Obama The Black Canvas" was a bit of usurpation that was used by the Obama Campaign to compel people to make investments of their ballots into his campaign.

We have not heard the question about how Progressive leaders and organizations may view Commander In Chief Obama as malleable to their will and attempt to make a run at him in the very same way that the Tea Party forces have done.

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