Saturday, August 27, 2011

Commander In Chief Obama - The More Efficient Imperialist Compared To Bush

Leave it up to Obama's man at CNN and Time to prove my case.  As seen in the article by Fareed Zakaria NATO's intervention into Libya lead by the US forces commanded by Commander In Chief Obama was a strategic and logistical success.
  • It cost $1 billion as compared to Iraqi's $1 trillion
  • It cost not American lives while Iraq cost 5,000
  • It was done at a strategic pace and not forced into action via arrogance and incompetence
  • It was able to gain the complicit cover of the United Nations, certain members of the Arab League and of course 4 African Colonizers from Europe
The one thing that Mr Zakaria never got around to in his article (nor will he on his Sunday show on CNN) is JUSTIFYING this bombing raid on the sovereign nation of Libya.  The fact that it was sold to Americans as a "Humanitarian Aid Mission" didn't seem to bother Zakaria in the least.   The fact that it was logistically possible for America and the powers of NATO to make 17,000 bombing raids in the air to destroy a nation in Africa thus proving European and Western Military Supremacy over all others is a foregone conclusion that Zakaria  never needed to mention.

The greater difference between Iraq and Libya is that the New York Times, Washington Post nor any "mainstream" media source will need to later apologize for failing to scrutinize what they were sold as a justification for war and then later participating in the jingoism that ensued.   As Zakaria said - Americans like to win.

If the US military learned from the mistakes in Iraq and chose to use Libyan Rebels to do the ground killing - I hope that with the "next next war" that the American anti-war progressives will also learn from Libya and either give the enemy president the same cover as they did Obama or they realize that the friendly president, if not challenged is going to keep taking the nation into "efficient wars".

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